Footrace Breaks Out At Miami Heat Practice

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Sometimes, when an argument occurs, the only way to settle it is to take to the athletic field. Or in this case, the court.

Yesterday in Oklahoma City, where the Miami Heat were practicing in the run-up to tonight’s showdown on TNT against the Thunder, a footrace broke out between the 33-year-old James Jones and the 25-year-old Michael Beasley. Luckily Ray Allen had his phone at the ready to preserve the results on social media. As Allen noted in his caption, “Chalk one up for the old guys”…


  1. Guest says:

    Who cares? I’m not gonna say that they aren’t taking the game seriously, but they just had a footrace… nothing interesting to write about

  2. Oakland Fan says:

    I noticed that some of the footage got cut out or something before the race started after the guy saying the countdown impossibly appeared to their sides. Nothing much important in the video, just a thing I noticed. Nothing much though.