Dwight’s Response To ‘Howard Sucks!’ Chants From Lakers Fans

By Nick Margiasso IV

With the Lakers down in the dumps in what seems like their lowest point in forever, Los Angeles fans got the chance to celebrate an age-old right of passage for all sports fans — taking their frustrations out on an ex-player. In this case it was Dwight Howard of the Rockets, who famously dissed them after one of the most frustrating seasons in Lakers history.

Upon his return in last night’s Rockets 134-108 drubbing of the Lakers, L.A. fans showered him with “Howard sucks!” chants at every opportunity. Dwight took it until he could no more, as he is wont to do when he thinks he is not getting the kind of attention he deserves, and did what any famously big kid would do. He mocked them by chanting it with them.

Oh, but his mockery did not end there. D12 took his show out of the spotlight of the Staples Center and back to the Houston team plane, where he continued to make the message clear via Instagram. Because, well, as Dwight would say, “Howard sucks!”


  1. wew says:

    yeah! dwight did a good move when he showed that he was not annoyed with the chants of lakers fans. he had good attitude in doing this.

  2. vonvon says:

    imma miss dwight his best days are done thought he had a higher ceiling o well

    • Fred Jackson says:

      You must of been one of those Lakers fans that was cheering “Howard sucks!” and is mad that he left if you think that his best days are over.

    • pKone says:

      His ceiling as a player is still very high…

      As for maturity, he may have maxed out at 17 😉

  3. laughing with kiwi land says:

    when howard started chantint, the stadium went silent for a sec of 5. best reaction you can do

  4. RocketNation says:


  5. Steve says:

    If Howard starts shooting between the leg free throws, he will be my new favourite player.

  6. Carl says:

    Howard will not win a ring watch and see!!!!!!

  7. Steve says:

    Howard should start cheering that before every game. And make it part of his free throw routine. And start shooting freethrows between the legs. He would be my favourite player in all of sports if he did this.

  8. dustydreamnz says:

    Howard does suck…as a person atleast. I don’t find any of his skits funny at all.

  9. halloffameCommentoftheyear says:

    yes howard is a so-so ok,limited, 1 dimensional average “almost” big guy. what’s new ?
    Lakers fans maybe have a grudge but LA fans, blame your front office. howard, nash ? kobe 25 millions ? they clearly NOT aiming at a title, but jersey sales.
    1-they are right about the level of dwight howard, they tell it the hard way but howard is done, without having done something real. blablabla and blablabla
    2-they will be a lot better without him, the team build will be stronger, even if now it’s tough.
    3- howard is a fake franchise guy, like carmelo.

    i was a kinda “fan” of houston before the howard move, like not really a fan but interested about seeing them progress in the right way. sad to see they killed every title hopes with a hyped injured fake diva.

  10. Exiled says:

    Smart move from D12, if he reacted in diffrent way , he might got fined. I thought for a moment that lakers fan should say: Howard did the right thing

  11. Aka chato says:

    All you people are stupid because D12 will win at least 2 rings and he will be the best center of all time!!!
    Lakers are garbage it will take 100 years for them to win a title! Ha

  12. PStern says:

    Hahahaha I just think it’s hilarious and accurate! Good stuff D12

  13. Zacula says:

    Howard, deep inside you do know that you suck…. enjoy a little victory now that the Lakers are down with injuries and all… in the long run… when its all said and done, you will still be nothing but a big horse with no brain or heart…. in the end… d-little 12, you will be a could have been in the nba…. the great Kobe has 5 rings on you…. u got de nada! howard… you will always be dumb dumb and deep inside when you look at yourself in the mirror you do know that … cheers

  14. jg says:

    what a role model.

  15. nunya bizness says:

    The jealous hatred by Lakers fans is what keeps me going on bad days. Keep it up! And go Rockets!

  16. Adam says:

    Howard left, but its not the end of the world. It only delayed the inevitable. Lakers will turn their ship around, its only a matter of time. We all know what kind of moves the Lakers can and will pull over the upcoming two seasons. There’s actually a decent chance the Lakers still reload in time to win another championship before Howard does.

  17. pac1671 says:

    I don’t know if you remember the city riots and burning of lebron’s jersey when he left the cavs. A few years later he has 2 championships going for 3. Howard is happy and I think that he’s going to play great ball for a few more years, I applaud him for taking the chants from the frustrated laker fans. He has improved his game and added elements to it. Stop hating..

  18. Mirror mirror on the wall says:

    Woow, look at all the comments that disagree with Howards reaction. Imagine if your in that position, what will you do? he lift lakers to the playoff last year and the results are Dwight howard sucks chanting. Maybe no one should ever go to the Lakers, so much for Loyalty

  19. MR.SUAVE says:

    dont hate DH12 lakers fan is a players dream to win a ring
    and howard thinks lakers cannot win anymore rings from now on!
    in the first place you are a fan of dh12 when he arrive in lakers but when he leaves
    you are mad its not his fault its your lakers organizations fault!
    okay so just shut up! haters always gonna hate!

  20. John Michaels says:

    What’s that they are eating, though?

  21. Alex K says:

    It’s amazing how upset you Lakers fans are even when you tell yourself that “you’re not”. Sprinkle some gold bond on your hurt butt and move on. He left LA because he wasn’t happy there. You’re lying to yourself if you say that Dwight isn’t a good guy. He’s obviously making an impact in the community. The best thing is seeing the joy and happiness that Dwight radiates and then seeing how pissed off it makes LA fans. Get over yourselves. Kobe included. He was never happy there in the first place. Have some respect for a guy that respects himself enough to leave where he knows he’s not happy.