James Harden Goes Shopping At Foot Locker With Army Of James Hardens

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The more famous you are, the tougher it is to go out in public, what with fans asking for autographs and photos. (At least, that’s what I’ve heard, not being, you know, famous.) If you’re a famous NBA player, for instance, just a simple outing like going to the mall can be nearly impossible. And if you have a singular look, like Houston’s James Harden, it could make things even tougher.

But in a bid to hit the mall and shop at Foot Locker, Harden recently came up with a plan that was rather ingenious: Clones!

VIDEO: Harden Army


  1. lbj says:

    Having an army of James Harden will not give him a ring. The king “LeBron” will choke him once again like in 2011 finals when his team fortunately make into the finals. The king once again will limit his point to less than 10 in a game. That’s what we called choking!

    • torgeirl says:

      Hey lbj, what happened to “he needs to go to south beach and join the king, we will trade you future hall of famer Norris Cole …. and so on” ???

  2. vonvon says:

    Thats genius… Einstein genius now if they all balled like him we could change the Houston rockets to the harden rockets give e the other guys league min. and make Dwight Howard be the mascot since he like to dance all the time huahhhhh!!

  3. beserious5minutes says:

    torgeirl, james harden for norris cole ? in wich universe harden could be enough for the futur goat of goats norris cole?

  4. lbj says:

    Even I know that Harden is better than Norris Cole. We Will Trade Chris Bosh for future HOF Chandler Parsons though… And we’ll even throw in Beasly.

  5. Jugular says:

    whahahaa…. nice video