Milwaukee Bucks To Host Y2K Night


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Bucks may not be winning games on the court — they are currently 10-43, worst in the NBA — but give them credit for trying to win fans off the court. For their latest promotion, they’re going back to the future. Roads? Who needs…roads?

The Bucks recently announced that on Saturday against the Pacers, they’ll be making the night a celebration of all things Y2K. Not only will former Bucks star Glenn Robinson be in attendance, but halftime entertainment for this fantastic voyage will be provided by Coolio.

We’ll let explain…

Remember when Y2K was supposed to spell doom for the technological infrastructure of America? While the turn of the millennium provided to be anticlimactic in some respects, the effects that the years leading up to Y2K had on pop culture are still felt today, for better or worse. The years surrounding Y2K showed us the magical wonders of Harry Potter and MP3s, along with the travails of the dot com bubble bursting and the scourge of reality TV. The Bucks will celebrate this pop cultural confluence with Y2K Night on Saturday, Feb. 22, when the conference-leading Indiana Pacers make their first visit of the season (7:30 p.m. tip). To help fans reminisce on that not-so-long-ago era of the late nineties and early aughts, the team has rolled back pricing on all upper-level seats to what tickets went for at the turn of the century, with many available for just $7 (plus applicable fees).

And to give fans a chance to win a VIP experience at the game, the Bucks asked them to fax in their submissions. Perhaps not surprisingly, this led to a couple of problems…

So hurry up and get your faxes in! Apparently you’ll need a land line to do that, whatever a land line is…


  1. dd def says:

    it’s funny how people think fax machines aren’t used at all anymore. there are still industries in which they are one of the main modes of communication. how’d they get that much toner on their hands from changing the cartridge out?

  2. TTKIN says:

    I realize the Bucks need to get people in the seats (since the play on the court clearly wont do it)…but is THIS really the way to do it hahaha.

  3. Guest says:

    I won’t be surprised if the yget blown out that game… the bucks seriously need help