Baron Davis Continues Comeback, With Little Help From Inside The NBA Crew

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last weekend in New Orleans, I bumped into longtime NBA guard Baron Davis, who was in town for the weekend and had a camera crew following him around. Now we know why, after this video aired last night on “Inside The NBA” showing Baron trying to do some networking while in N’awlins…with mixed results, no thanks to Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith.

VIDEO: Baron Continues Comeback


  1. Jorge says:

    It looked staged at first, but then the last portion aired and it felt like “OUCH.”

  2. Oscar4Baron says:

    Wow that was hilarious! Baron should take over inside stuff or have his own sitcom on NBA tv. holla@yo boy TNT! somebody give this man a job..but not playing lol…although he’s still one of the very best pg ever to do it! #BaronoverKirlenko

  3. JR says:

    Real talk though would be nice to see Baron get back on the court man I think the Knicks of all teams should consider him in the mix. After all they do need a point guard.

  4. Jugular says:

    He should have been on the video of james harden hahaha…

  5. Jcool says:

    Baron Davis was already on the Knicks before he retired… Jeremy Lin outplayed him for the starting role when Felton was injured. Stop saying these washed up players will make a difference in the league now. They lost their steps back in 09.

  6. jdub455 says:

    baron was a nasty nasty player during his prime! great player who just got injured most of the time.