Miami Heat’s ‘Bane James’ Has Some Fun At Own Expense

By Nick Margiasso IV

The sports world, and especially the South Beach faithful, held their collective breath momentarily Thursday night for Mr. Miami Heat. After taking a hard shot to the face on a drive (WHICH HE STILL FINISHED WITH A HIGHLIGHT DUNK DESPITE GETTING WHACKED!!!), LeBron James lay writhing in pain amidst a puddle of his own blood.

It was so bad that he left the game, heading for the locker room during the biggest game of the Heat’s season so far — done for the night. Uh oh.

Or not.

Fans, King James wants you to exhale … and laugh a bit while doing it.

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  1. IHateChicagoBulls says:

    LeBron the GOAT

  2. Sabgren says:

    You better break their bones BaneBron.

  3. Ali Salem says:

    Lebron greatness is started to show, he ain’t gonna take a back seat but prove that he is still the best player in the game and second to none.
    Go Bron 5th MVP is still yours for grab!!

  4. MLK-alive says:

    this guy is funny! you better wear it against the bulls.

  5. Wow says:

    Not a pool of blood. Not a broken nose. Not a concussion. He sure was on the ground for a long time though. Maybe he should get to be a little tougher.

    • illmatic says:

      when was the last time you got whacked in the face by 6’11” PF/C in the NBA?

    • oldschool says:

      He finally got a tasted of oldschool basketball and left?! lol This is not a game that would look like the finals cause wade was fully rested! Get off lebrons nuts, we all know wade isn’t going to put up the numbers he did last night. Lebron is just a crybaby always overreacting and running around the court like the little drama queen he is

      • Noah4k says:

        It’s funny how haters work overtime just to hate. The guy got hit was bleeding and just left the game ‘cuz heat was clearly winning. Appreciate the his game or whoever you hate because these great ball players will be gone before your very eyes.

        Hate is for losers. Period. Lebron is playing exceptional ball and will be on his way to mt rushmore. Nothing you do or say will stop him.

        The amount of charity work the guy does is good enough for me to like him as a human being. Thank you for hard work king James.

    • Nick says:

      There was blood, did you not see the game? Search for “Lebron James dunks on Serge Ibaka after getting hit on the nose” on youtube. Watch till the end, there was blood.

      • oldschool says:

        people break their noses today and still play! he’s a beast until blood is shown then its ok for him not to be a beast.. lol weak player deserves weak fans and weak excuses.

      • TheKid says:

        old school.People break their noses and comeback after a while.There was only five minutes in th egame so he couldnt come back.If it was like the 2nd quarter and he didnt comeback then I understand.Idiot

      • Benny Morales, Jr. says:

        Old School’s one of those people that Wish he could play like LeBron Bane James. Broken nose, or not, LeBron scored over 30 pts, kept Durant from scoring most of the Thunder’s pts AND posterized Ibaka while getting hit in the face. Weak? I think not. But hey, I guess haters gonna hate.

    • dave says:

      Oh yes, he should get tougher. His nose was broken and confirmed by Doctors but of course you’ll have to lame reason not to believe that. Wonder how it feels like to have a nose bleeding profusely when you are out of breath? Must be really easy to just pop back up from that, just breath through your mouth and game on right? Ignore the pain and just start bleeding on the court, no big deal if someone slips on a little blood.

    • Jack says:

      I have seen plenty of guys break their nose and keep playing after a quick patch-up. Not that has anything to do with anything, but I do feel that this is getting blown out of proportion.

  6. joe says:

    good man bron.. wack ibacka back 🙂

    • joe joe jump to high says:

      Lebron is 2 cool 4 that. Accident obviously. Lebron will slaughter any defender including KD

  7. bobson says:

    Are you serious WOW? I dont know what footage you was watching but after he fell down squirming around pain there was lots of blood starting to squirt down eventually.

  8. ika says:

    bulls the cows?

  9. Bird33 says:

    No one on Mount Rushmore would make a big deal over that little hit…..I’m just saying……

  10. Bird33 says:

    The Legend once came back into a playoff game after being knocked unconscious. You didn’t hear him talking it up after the game about how tough he was. He didn’t have to. The greats don’t need to talk and remind people how great they are.

    That’s one of the reasons they’re on Mount Rushmore.

    When is this kid going to grow up and learn?

    • u lol says:

      thats the keyword… playoffs… this is a REGULAR game… i’m sure he would play through the pain if it is the playoffs… Legend wouldn’t have played that one in a regular game… when will the lebron haters grow up and mature?…

    • TheKid says:

      bird shutup.Lebron didnt complain or say how tough he was.He just basically said he was gonna wear a mask to the game.Idiot

  11. SM says:

    Durant is the best but Labron is the best of the best.
    Labron is a 5 positions player and can play perfect in all 5 positions. Durant is a good shooter.
    Labron is the best of the best and number one in the history of NBA.

  12. showbaba says:

    Guys don’t you think this guy Ibaka deserves a flagrant. Now I am happy that Pacers sold Danny. It’s being a concerned for me to have Granger come off a bench. I am fine now that Pacers screwed up and sent him out of the chemistry already working. With no Granger coming from the bench. Pacers forget it no NBA champion hope anymore.

  13. Troy says:

    And “NO FOUL”? Making all you Heat haters upset – Priceless!

  14. Jorge says:

    True, it was not a “pool of blood”, nor was it a broken nose, and he finished the dunk before getting hit. So, all in all, the facts highlighted by the article are at best misleading.

    That much being said, I think his play on this game validates what was said during the all-star interview, Durant is the second in line, LeBron is simply ahead of the pack.

    Also, I’d love the Bane look against Chicago.

  15. yawdy says:

    yo, ibaka tried to take his face of then whack him again, while bron is thinking, I’m gonna have to crown this clown for breaking my nose, Bron is the Don!! heal soon then wreak havoc on the league!

  16. yawdy says:

    I can’t front tho, if one man was schooling my team at the Y or in street ball, u can expect somebody to try hurt him, but not the King!

  17. jamduv says:


    You would bleed a river if you got whacked by a guy from the Congo. LeBron is only human, but one heck of a basketball player.

    The Heat is on fire !!!
    Go Heat !!!

  18. Main St Ryu says:

    Can’t understand all of the Chicago Bulls hate here… I, for one, am a fan of both the Heat and the Bulls (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s impossible, right?). Yes, the teams genuinely hate each other, so I suppose that’s reason enough. Bulls fans hate on the Heat fans and vice versa; I get it, it’s healthy to have a rivalry. Heat absolutely dominated last night and it was a sight to see, LBJ playing at his true MVP level like we all know he is capable of!

    But there is no mention of the Bulls in this little article, so it’s almost like pre-emptive aggression haha. Ah well, the beauty of the internet is freedom to do and say whatever the heck you want.

    Just my pointless two cents in here lol. Have a great weekend everyone!

  19. OHFLIP says:


  20. Alex says:

    LeBane James

  21. JM says:

    Ibaka is somehow a feisty and hotheaded guy…. he will whack somebody who goes by him if he can’t block that guy’s shot…. shades of Kendrick Perkins there, Serge…. he doesn’t care if it be LBJ or who’s next in line to him, if he can’t block the shot, he will make you feel that he’s present at the middle.

    • Jorge says:

      This is something I like about Ibaka. He is tough and he does not shy away from playing tough defense. He does not seem to mind being posterized or other inane labels. He plays defense, tough defense, every time.

      This does not mean that I don’t think he deserves a flagrant-1 or at the very least a foul call on plays like this. But I would not change a thing on his approach to defense.

  22. None Of The Above says:

    To Bird33. When a person is knocked unconscious that is a heavy concussion that’s caused it. Back then there was less understanding of things like that and it was treated as less of a deal. I’m not bashing Larry Bird as he is one of my all-time favourites and one of histories true elite, but, if there was the same understanding of concussion then as there is now he would not have been allowed to return to the game by the medical team. A concussion that severe needs to be checked to ensure there is no brain damage.

  23. ACV2X says:

    My God!!! did u guys even see the replay??? Ibaka reach for the ball , while lebron was driving to the hoop and he threw up Ibaka´s Arm up. that´s why Ibaka hit him in the nose.
    in other matter, KD has had the best season in the NBA so far, a true 2014 MVP, now is Lebron who´s trying to show you #IOnlySeeLebronHighlights that he deserves it too…
    KD: 31.4pts, 7.8 Rb, 5.5 Ast, 32.11 PER
    LBJ: 26.9pts, 7.1 Rb, 6.5 Ast, 29.50 PER

  24. jdogg says:

    He also took 3 steps thats a travel.

  25. Grenadian LIONKING HEAVY DEE says:

    Bron is no Jordan because Jordan was just the ultimate winner and competitor plus we can youtube Jordan playing defense and all d attention he brought to America the game still can add he shoe and the logo and that he maxed out L BIRD, MAGIC, KOBE, Shaq,PATRIC And his NY Knicks and made all the great 90’z players even the Houston Rockets look like crap because we all know if Jordan was not playing Baseball this 3 Rings would have easily been Bulls Rings Hakeem Olajuwon and Kenny Smith we would hardly know unless u were a Rockets fan.

    All this said Bron Looks like the closest to Jordan and what i think is Bron’zz greatest strength is his unselfish play in the first half of every season to teach his players how to play. jordan and Bron the dream team. WOW! i want 2 C that. both players can play and play any position but jordan has the edge in at least 4 categories most outstanding Jordans And 1’zz after getting fouled, his ability to bring back games everyone thinks were lost. bulls down 12 points 6 seconds to go no 1 goes home till jordan sits on the bench. Jordan’z bulls were sumen else.
    Brons the man right now every team brings their A game only against Miami and some how they will still win the most games in the N B A this season once they are healthy. if Bron winzz 2 or 3 more Rings, this convo cud become mighty close. GO Bron GO! Heat should get Luol Deng to much unreliable players on that Team. one day they gud next 10 games nothing. and Wade is still great but needs to no his place, he tried to take ovva the Mavs final made Bron stand and watch him as Bron should cus its was wades team but that championship is on wades head. wade fans don’t b mad at mi, love wades game but james with bthe ball in his hand got dem to the finals. go U tube the lost finals games and udd C

    Take Care Famm. love the NBA.

    • Olajuwon and the Rockets have a winning record against MJ and the Bulls. They are the only team with winning record against Bulls during MJ era. I have seen MJ got blocked by the Dream more than 10 times. Rockets would have beat MJ and the Bulls because those two years were the peak years of Olajuwon and no MJ would have stop it. Rockets would have won regardless of MJ not being retired.

    • Grenadian LIONKING HEAVY DEE
      HA! Really. You would not know Olajuwon if you were not the Rockets fan. He is probably the top three centers of all times. Stop what you are smoking dude! Olajuwon and the Rockets have a winning record against MJ and the Bulls. They are the only team with winning record against Bulls during MJ era. I have seen MJ got blocked by the Dream more than 10 times. Rockets would have beat MJ and the Bulls because those two years were the peak years of Olajuwon and no MJ would have stop it. Rockets would have won regardless of MJ not being retired.

    • Benny Morales, Jr. says:

      LeBron, at this point is way better than Jordan. May not be a better finisher, but a better player overall. Heavier, faster, and more dominant. Now, Jordan is more athletic and the bulls were a dominant team in the 90s. They had their own Big 3 just like the Heat do now but the Bulls were better defenders. Heat are better scorers. I’m not putting Jordan down because I do agree Jordan was the best player who ever played the game of basketball. But at this point, LeBron is showing us why he is more dominant than Jordan. That’s why he’s King James and Jordan is Jordan.

  26. DMT says:

    Wow he finally gets knock around a little and acts like its a big deal… He’s been babied and pampered by the refs all throughout his whole career that is why this thing is new to him. Such a softy for a monster, not a real warrior. This guy is a hoax that was made by the NBA. Top 15 maybe, top 4…. No way!!!

    • Devan says:

      No one comes back into the game with a broke nose right away moron.. He got hit in his nose which was already broken before in the first place.. And they didn’t even know if it was broken or not because of how dazed he was they had to run him trhough protocol tests because they thought he may of had an concussion that’s why he went back.. Plus the game was over so there was no reason for him to come back out there lol.. You must be another LeBron hater go figure.. Get a life kid..

    • LOL says:

      Don’t be ignorant, if you’re going to hate might as well think and put down something intelligent before you post something. Boggles my mind the lengths people will go to lol…just remember how much y’all hated when Lebron retires. NBA greats like LBJ only come into the league every so often.

    • joe joe jump to high says:

      DMT do us all a favor get off that hard stuff.

  27. matt says:

    Lebron is the best in the world

  28. md9 says:

    The king enjoys the game of basketball the best player can have fun, you haters should just watch the game. MVP the chosen one James

  29. Del says:

    Really? After getting hit twice. |When you look at the video and still dunked lol. NoONE is stronger then Lebron. Bunch of freaking hatters. Lebron crybaby I dont think so. The guy gets hacked every single game without most not called. I would argue too. Or maybe he had a tube of fake blood and started squirting it on the floor to fake the hit. HATTERS!!!! Go look at some of MJ video he use to argue about the no calls as well thats because he would get hacked all the time. You can only take so much.

    • Baby Jordan says:

      This article was talking about Lebron’s NOSE being BROKEN, but somehow the talk always leads to the comparisons of Jordan an Kobe and the hate of the Heat. To ALL the haters stfu right F-ing now

  30. S3 says:

    You all talk about how strong LBJ is… yes he is a monster and a great player, not as much as MJ but, one of the top 5 on this moment… but Kobe kept playing with a broken knee, so… a broken nose is not a big deal…

  31. Johnny the Kid says:

    I love Lebron & the Heat, but Nash & Jordan have been through way worse than this, obviously (every 80s & 90s player have been punished brutally every game of the season). Old school basketball will eat Lebron James up. No need for the greatest player currently in the NBA to not play on Sunday. He has plenty of time to rest & prove that he is the King against the Bulls. He didn’t return with 5 minutes remaining cause the Heat were already winning. However, I just wished he would’ve come back, he didn’t need to play, just to show everyone he isn’t going to back down. Still rooting for the Heat to win, but this wack to the face is being push out of proportion.

  32. GameBundle says:

    who will be batman?

    • Baby Jordan says:

      KD, but bane still whooped that arse twice and there are no women in the NBA so Cat Woman killing him is irrelevant.

  33. heat all day says:

    all these haters saying lebrons a wimp are stupid lebron james is best in history and anybody who breaks there nose leaves kobe did as well as larry bird

  34. Miami'skings says:

    Well being from Miami I only have two word to say……”STOP HATING”. So many Lebron haters would love to see him fall flat on his face but like the king he is he will rise. Lebron is a GREAT basketball player and he won’t be denied his time to shine…..even with a broken nose. So all those Lebron haters out there need to do is just sit down and shut up and watch our Miami Heat kings get ringed again.

  35. Rome says:

    Yeah, lemark james didnt have to flop on this one, try shooting free-throws with a ruptured Achilles, leMark may be the greatest right now, but still has a lot to learn about mental toughness. dude even had to get carried off court with leg cramps.

  36. did jordan bleed that much when he got fouled what you called hard foul when he was playing? no he did not. and even if you foul lebron hard he will just carry you to the rim like he always does everytime by finishing the and 1. he makes hard fouls look like normal foul bcoz he’s strong than every player before. you dont know anything about basketball if you dont see that.

  37. Jkwon says:


    LEBRON JAMES you just show the world that you are the MVP
    I love KEVIN DURANT but he had no answers for LEBRON KING JAMES
    Get well and go out there and win 5th MVP.

    Congratulation LEBRON JAMES

  38. AW says:

    @ old school and all the other tough guys out there who are calling LeBron weak:

    What the heck are you doing lately? Dude is building towards a 5th MVP and a fifth trip to the NBA finals. Most of those tough guys you look up to didn’t have nearly as effective a career. By the way, his play helped put Miami in such a good position, that he wasn’t needed to close the game.

    You must be one of those work harder, not smarter type of old schoolers, eh?

  39. NBA2k says:

    This page is astounding. Like him or not, he’s the best in the NBA and his numbers (not to mention accolades) prove this. I’m not fond of his tendency to over-exaggerate contact he feels is “excessive” but you can’t deny what’s on paper. Yet I’m making this comment for another reason: no matter what side you’re on, the ridiculousness is amazing. Comments along the lines insinuating James’ talent is a fabrication by the league and those that simply crown him “king” without backing up their statements (many admitting they are Miami fans and therefore sounding biased) don’t help make your case. To put my point into perspective, this is how you sound:

    “You suck,”
    “No, you suck.”
    “Why do I suck?”
    “Because you suck.”

    To those who compare him to past legends: you can’t. Rules, styles, types of players, etc. have changed greatly over the course of league history. It’s akin to comparing two unlike objects (apples and oranges). Your “greatness” is measured by how well you play within the current system and circumstance. We do not know how well Larry Bird would have played in today’s NBA, or how well Lebron would have played in his era. They played the game the way it should be played under their own unique circumstances, including but not limited to the times in which they played.

  40. Jim Muncy says:

    Funny how people can say it was a “little hit.” OK, let Ibaka smack you in the face and see how little you think it is. FYI, NBA rules don’t allow people to play while bleeding all over their opponents. The reason for that rule is obvious. LeBron is the best player in the game (all time in my opinion) but he shouldn’t be front-runner for the MVP right now. Westbook was out and Durant’s play was amazing. Westbrook comes back and, first game when OKC is getting its rhythm back, LeBron outscores Durant by five points and now, forget all the amazing things that Durant has done, LeBron is front runner for MVP. No way. LeBron is the most amazing player the NBA has ever seen but he needs to earn the MVP. At this point, Durant is earning it. Lebron is not. One game doesn’t earn it.

  41. D_Will says:

    I’m sure Lebron would’ve outscored KD by more than 5 points if he wouldn’t of got hurt. And the reason Lebron is being thought of as front runner again is not because of that one game. He has had like 30+ points in 5 of his last 6 games, while averaging around 60% from the field. Not to mention the fact that Lebron’s team, the Miami HEAT are 8-2 in their last 10 games, thanks to none other than the King himself playing his best basketball of the season. If the HEAT survive the Bulls tomorrow, they may even extend this 4 game winning streak to an impressive 10+ game win streak with the way they’re playing atm. Right now, Durant is ahead but if Lebron can give his team even half of the magic they showed last season, then he deserves another mvp award.

  42. Chris harris says:

    Guys MVP is graded in a weekly basis, if the season ends now its surely Durant but last week it was james who put better number than durant thats y james is ahead now in the mvp Race,got it?its a weekly basis.

  43. MR.SUAVE says:

    all you stupid haters if you are winning the game and your hurt will you comeback?
    if you know you are sure winners after the all zero on the clock?
    stupid haters before you judge the king himself just put the situation to yourself
    if he comeback after that blow the face for sure the coach will not let him play because
    for sure they have the game under control and lebron will just sit
    in the bench. if he aint playing anymore its better to rest in the locker room!
    stupid haters! hahaha lebron will eat your hopes hahahahaha

  44. jdub455 says:

    hahaha, nice one… bane james was good… but id prefer him as batman, dwade as robin, and bosh as alfred… durant as joker, westbrook as scarecrow and ibaka as bane…. this wud be the finals dream matchup… the one who loses the mvp crown bet the 2 will try to prove that he deserves it more..