OJ Mayo Picks Inopportune Time To Tie Shoe

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Look, we’ve heard since we were kids that there’s nothing more dangerous than running with your shoes untied. So it’s understandable that when Milwaukee guard O.J. Mayo‘s shoelace became untied during last night’s Bucks/Nuggets game, he needed to get it re-tied as quickly as possible. But deciding to re-tie the shoe during the middle of a defensive possession, while play was going on all around him, seemed to be a curious choice. Luckily Mayo’s man wasn’t involved with the play.

Wait, anyone seen J.R. Smith?

VIDEO: Mayo Ties Shoe


  1. Guest says:

    dude what are you doing? I know you’re a first-minded scorer but you’ve gotta pretend to care, the whole play that’s shaqtin a fool for sure

  2. whybother says:

    it’s clear as day that he cares so much about his team and basketball in general, is this why ur such a big winner, role model and all star? oh boy!

  3. Fergus says:

    It’s lucky that no one dunk over him…

  4. nice says:

    shout out to foye for jus standing there and making mayo’s shoe tying defense look acceptable. keep up the hard work

  5. Tony Judge says:

    this is typical of the attitudes of a lot of professional ball players especially the young ones today once they get the long money they are no longer hungry they only love the game for the money and not just the love of the game you can easily tell who are the lovers of the game they never take a night off and often play hurt. and make far more money than he does. guys like him make me sick.

  6. Lynell says:

    When u have the worst record in the league it doesnt even matter. Just like him…lol

  7. jwt7000 says:

    This play had better be on the next episode of Shaqtin A Fool.

  8. Stony says:

    The NBA is all about spacing,
    Foye had to stay in the corner 3 spot and OJ knew it.
    OJ had his eye on the ball and had to stay with Foye and not try to rotate to the strong side.

    lets try to smarten up the dialogue you’al

  9. dustydreamnz says:

    I agree with Tony Judge, the guy had ‘the flu’ for about a month. The flu doesn’t last for that long. The Bucks have been shocking obviously but by his standards he has been one of the worst. This is a lock on Shaqtin a Fool.

  10. Ethan says:

    Shaqtin da FOOL. Lol

  11. CPtheKiD says:

    The worse part of that play is how Randy Foye didnt try to take advantage it. At least call for the ball or cut to the basket, regardless of what play is called. Poor basketball IQ and offensive awareness….everyone leave OJ alone!!!!

  12. Young says:

    Tony Judge, i can tell you didnt do any sports talking ish like that

  13. JustTheStr8Facts says:

    So glad he wasn’t interested in playing for the Pacers when they were interested in him. How did that work out for you, OJ? LOL

  14. Ken says:

    I can’t tell who’s the bigger fool here… Mayo or Foye.

  15. Shaqtin says:

    OJ Welcome to SHAQTIN’, “FOOL”!!!

  16. minitrolink4 says:

    i understand now why he is always traded, a real genius.