Roy Hibbert Goes Back To School

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago, as part of the NBA’s Dream Big initiative, Indiana Pacers C Roy Hibbert channeled his inner Billy Madison and went back to elementary school. No word on whether or not Snack Pack or giant penguins were involved, but Hibbert seemed to enjoy the experience, and if nothing else he created a novel defensive strategy in dodge ball — there’s no verticality needed when you can utilize a human shield.

Hibbert took to Twitter earlier this week to remind people about the video and try to get up to one million views, so we thought we’d do our part here at All Ball to raise awareness…

VIDEO: Hibbert Goes Back To School


  1. Guest says:

    “u go get that education brah, hell yeah!”- vine video
    lol but seriously I think its great he’s reaching out like this

  2. GameBundle says:

    roy hibbert is using a little kid as a shield in dodgeball. that is just mean! a bunch of balls coming right at the poor little kid!

  3. Beast says:

    pero antic or kelly olynik

  4. Bird33 says:

    Relax…the kid was having fun in the dodgeball game. Better yet, go find your helmet – you must have an “outdoor” walk coming up soon lol

    Great video Roy – very funny and great to see the NBA and the Pacers giving back.

    Go Pacers for NBA Champs 2014!!