Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 3, Episode 16

VIDEO: Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 3, Episode 16

All-Star Weekend is over and Shaq is back in business with his latest batch of foolishness. Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin!


  1. Dave Lim says:

    Are u serious for dwight howard in shaqtin a fool?
    The fan is ungentlemanly tricking NBA player with without respectful slip the hand away from Dwight Howard.
    Is this the trend or culture should be built up?

    So, now Fan know if they keep doing this, by fooling NBA players,
    the players would uploaded in to shaqtin a fool and laughed by the media?

    kind advise


  2. Jim Poppin says:

    Dave – dude!! its shaq da fooo!!! stop being a cub scout and have some fun! I’d air five the overrated num1 center in the leauge too!! ;D

  3. The New York Knicks are a complete mess,
    Melo’s play wouldn’t give me stress.
    Because that’s something that I’d come to expect,
    From a mess of a team, I won’t reject.

    First of all, for this guy from Dallas, Mr Wright,
    His first name is spelled Brandan, is that right?
    I’d think the tripping is pretty Shaqtin worthy,
    But his name misspelling is just so very dirty.

    Lance Stephenson is a very good athlete,
    He plays good defense, and is quick on his feet.
    However he made a mistake on that one play,
    A behind the back move, oh what a bad way.

    The Dwight Howard one wasn’t a big deal,
    But I know the situation is pretty real.
    Even though that move was intentionally meant to diss,
    People get hurt, well that’s the whole jist.

    I’d say the Cody Zeller one is the winner,
    It’s so random, out of nowhere, just a zinger.
    It’s looks hilarious and very funny,
    A mistake that is unusual, right on the money.

    Truthfully Shaqtin stock has been on a decline,
    Having similar response like the Reebok product line.
    It’s because of the absence of one marquee,
    Please come back to us, Javale McGee.

  4. jwt7000 says:

    I think it’s time people need to call in for more Kendrick Perkins. This episode wasn’t much laughing at.

  5. Nate22 says:

    Why did not Tyler Hansbrough tackle of Mike Dunleavy make the list?

  6. Felipe Garrido says:

    where is Kyre Irving and his play on the all-star game?

  7. aqw says:

    the dwight clip was stupid, and shouldnt be on, dwight doesnt even look at the guy,

  8. Bo says:

    Shaq should be Shaqtin’ A Foolin’ himself for saying “I dunno. I’m not a shooter. Let’s get on to the Slam Dunk contest!” when asked about his opinion while in the broadcast panel during the 3-point shooting contest. D’oh, Shaq, next year, please excuse yourself from the panel, will ya?

  9. ism says:

    I voted for Melo. Not for the action, which was bland among bland actions, but for his expression on his face afterwards… oh man.

  10. GameBundle says:

    Cody has got sick butterfingers.

  11. pejta24 says:

    Where is Perkins??!!

  12. so can I says:

    @ fan fiction engineer

    homie keep ur day job you kinda stink at this
    even iverson would say you really need practice

    I would keep on going but I don’t have the time
    to waste dissing your terrible rhyme

    Engineering is cool. Stick to it. bless.

  13. Heat Fan says:

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAVALE COME BACK BRO!!!!

  14. sugashayn says:

    Alright, the Javale jokes were funny at first, but he’s been out for awhile now, and we know he won’t be back until next season sooo… Chill.

    They should do a historic version of Shaqtin where we can laugh at some of the legendary foolishness of Shaquille and his goofy peers. I seem to remember Shaq being pretty hilariously boneheaded every few games or so.

  15. Cody Zeller wins biatches says:

    Get it over Zeller IIIIOOOH! the yeller

  16. stefan says:

    javale, we miss you man.

  17. stefan says:

    javale, we miss you man. come back

  18. chaaaboy says:

    yall gun make me lose my cool, up in here

  19. zzz says:

    Cody Z. the best ! 🙂

  20. MG says:

    JaVale we miss u .

  21. Bill says:

    Not funny at all. We really need Javale back.