Jamal Crawford Has Played For A Lot Of Coaches

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Two years ago, I was having breakfast one morning in Atlanta with Jamal Crawford, who was playing for the Hawks at the time. While we were talking about his career, he casually mentioned that he’d had a different head coach every season of his NBA career. I’d never realized this, and it sounded too amazing to be true. But when I pressed him for details, he ran them all down, one by one. A few months after we spoke, he signed with the Clippers and played a season for a new coach, Vinny Del Negro. Then last summer the Clips went a different way and hired Doc Rivers, meaning Crawford again had a new coach.

During yesterday’s Clips/Thunder game on ABC, Lisa Salters asked Crawford if he could name all the coaches he’s had through the years even in the middle of a game. As Jamal said, he thrives under pressure…

VIDEO: Crawford Names Coaches


  1. lbj says:

    playing for a lot of coaches won’t win you a ring. how about playing with our King “LeBron” for future hall of fame coach Juwan Howard?

  2. ivica says:

    I like Jamal, good player, cool guy,..

  3. dustydreamnz says:

    Unreal though silly to bring it up at halftime. I think they should ban halftime interviews, they never achieve much anyway.

  4. dylan19 says:

    I win respect rather than win Champ. But if can win both that is great.