Brooklyn Nets Join NBA Racing Circuit

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago we saw what happened at the end of a Miami Heat practice, when Ray Allen and James Jones ended up in a footrace. This is apparently not an isolated incident, because at the end of a recent Brooklyn Nets practice, our favorite big man Andray Blatche got into a footrace with Nets strength coach Jeremy Bettle. Who wins? That seems to still be up for debate. Which means one thing: Rematch!

Race after practice drey vs strength coach!!!

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  1. lbj says:

    Brooklyn idolized Miami Heat especially our king “LeBron” that why they always imitate what Miami do including videobombing!

  2. What Happen To NBA says:

    lbj make such a stupid comment.

  3. ron ron says:

    Hey lang, your link is of James Jones and Beasley racing. Ray Allen is recording.