Manu’s Foot Rips Through Left Shoe

Manu Ginobili has spent a career defying the ordinary on the court, routinely diming through opponents’ legs, using his punch-drunk lefty style to throw defenders off and squeezing through the most unlikely crevices to get his shot off. He also helped popularize the Euro-step (which was being executed as early as the 1960s, as Elgin Baylor shows us) to a fresh generation.

But one step Wednesday night in San Antonio might be as noteworthy as any he’s taken. Guarding Detroit’s Rodney Stuckey on a drive right before the half, he slipped. Trying to get up, he slipped again, before realizing that his left sneaker had become obsolete.

Who is more surprised: Manu or Nike? There are certain things that happen in life that, as grandma puts it, just don’t make no sense.

VIDEO: Manu Ginobili tears through left shoe while defending

Here is a close-up of the ruptured shoe in question, courtesy of Nike Kicks associate editor George Kiel. Looks like Ginobili is jumping on Team LeBron for his next pair.


  1. Paulzz says:

    HAH I’ve seen that happen on the court before, except the entire bottom tread of the shoe came right off…..wonder if those were a new pair lolzzzz

  2. Jaamnoo says:

    nice adv for nike ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mack says:

    Made in China

  4. Carlo says:

    That explains why those 250$ shoes are paid 3$ to the asian factories.

  5. Toji says:

    Made in China

  6. Dobin says:

    Hahahahahhahhahahahahhahahahababahahahahagaghahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahah go red nation

  7. PLXI says:

    Are these Nike Zoom BB II!?
    Been the best shoes I ever had. But I experienced a lot of problems with sued shoes too.
    A guy from Footlocker even told me once that my AJ XII are no good for playing because of the suede upper..

  8. AM says:

    That happened to me once

  9. dylan19 says:

    Well…lucky Manu not get hurt…wonder how long Manu didn’t replace his shoes or “It Must Be The Shoes” …

  10. devinn says:

    there was a youtube video via NiceKicks interview with Spurs equipment manager, he explains Manu prefers heavy shoes (recent lebron shoes he wore), problem is he plants his foot pretty hard so the airsole unit blows up alot. so this season Manu is wearing his old shoes Nike Closer IV, old worn game shoes from 2009 which most likely will end up shredding in the end

  11. T Daniels says:


  12. Buzz says:

    The same happened to me once with a pair of AND-1 shoes. But I was playing on asphalt, so instead of slipping I destroyed my foot

  13. silver lining says:

    If the shoe holds there is a really good chance of Manu badly spraining his ankle. If San Antonio has to choose between spending $250 on a new pair of shoes to refill the equipment manager’s supply or Manu out for 3 weeks with an injury I am sure that they would pick the new shoes.

  14. kellogs says:

    100% don’t understand these “Made in China” comments. Much of American consumer goods is made in china???? So what’s your point??????????

  15. Hibachi says:

    It’s ridiculous that ppl here blame “Made in China” for it. Is there a shoe tag in this picture showing where it’s made? This is Nike PE so it could be made anywhere and plus it’s already better quality than regular edition for consumers. And pro ballers do lot more damage on shoes and that’s why they get shoe supplies all the time.

  16. Jerz says:

    This proves all of Nikes apparel is overpriced.

  17. Dirk says:

    Is “Made In USA” quality better than “Made in China”? I wonder…

  18. GameBundle says:

    that shoe looks cheap.

  19. ChangoLee says:

    Go for quality stuff; get some exclusive hand made stuff. These guys are millionaires using sweatshop stuff!!!

  20. J says:

    go back wearing your good ol’ lebron shoes manu

  21. Buddy says:

    it happens people

  22. edrik says:

    or maybe its his lucky shoes that he didnt want to be replaced.. i think these players change their shoes avery 3 or 5 games…

  23. bigboss says:

    Ha! Ginobli to wear Lebrons? they suck. Lebron left skid marks on the court!

  24. FourLeaf says:

    You can clearly see markings from the sole of another shoe on the suede. I’m pretty sure his foot got stepped on right on the seam. From the looks of it those arent brand new anyway and that is why they tore apart…not because they were “made in China”. Also I think if his foot did get stepped on then that shoe falling apart could have been the only thing that kept him from twisting his ankle. Kind of hard to tell in the video but is it a blessing in disguise for the already injured spurs? I say maybe…

  25. Julitopanes says:

    Anything can happen when Manu is on the court. Most competitive baller ever after MJ.

    i said anything….

    Genio Manu!

  26. mr net breaker says:

    that has happened to me a few times
    the first time I was using rebooks
    in good condition almost new
    I was so pump jump for the rebound
    broke my sneaker
    the good thing I finished the game
    right there I went back up jump with one leg
    the good sneaker and put it in the basket
    I was 20 years old