Don’t Sleep Around JR Smith

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s been a rather eventful season for Knicks guard J.R. Smith, a designation that has pretty much nothing to do with his play on the court. If anything, we’ve learned that if you’re not on your toes, J.R. might untie your shoes, or pull your headband down over your eyes. And if you fall asleep around J.R., like a bunch of the Knicks players did yesterday on the team plane, leaving J.R. with nothing else to do, he might post photos of your sleeping on Instagram.

To wit, Iman Shumpert (wearing leather pants) and Tim Hardaway Jr.

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Tyson Chandler and Amaré Stoudemire (with the hat on)

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New Knicks Shannon Brown and Earl Clark


  1. lbj says:

    you will sleep better with a ring on your finger. how about joining our King “LeBron”?

  2. sam says:

    lol thats funny

  3. Thomas says:

    I don’t see anything bad here about J.R. , he’s just having fun. And why not? He’s in the NBA after all. Feel happy for people like him, they just can enjoy their lives.

  4. nate says:

    lol at the misleading title

  5. ShakOcho says:

    Lebron takes pictures of his teammates sleeping and he makes ESPN top 10 plays. J.R. Smith does it and all of sudden he is the joke of the league. Come on let J.R, live. I’m not a Lebron hater but I can’t wait for him to fall just so everyone stops talking about him and looks at the other talent throughout the league.

    • Don't wish no bad says:

      Can’t wait till he falls lol? that’s some spiteful talk my g.

    • kevin says:

      totally agree..i really don’t understand why everyone is so mesmerized by lebron he predictable..boring i mean take away his bulldoze move to the rim and u got a sub par shooter..bout it

  6. TTKIN says:

    The one thing JR has done well this season.

  7. Carl R says:

    Give him a parachutes and open the door somewhere over Nebraska

  8. Jonathan says:

    People keep overlooking the fact that many of these basketball players are in their twenties. Moreover, twenty years old really do not know anything about real life… Therefore, when they act immature, we should neither be astonished nor upset by their puerile actions. Many people do not become adults with adult minds until they actually reach their thirties…

    • That guy says:

      average person`s brain stops developing roughly around the age of 25. So not really true with proper guidance i don`t see anyone acting super immature after 27 without some help from his environment

  9. Jonathan says:

    Yes, J.R. Smith is only having fun here. Furthermore, it is crazy to recognize how much traveling any pro player has to make throughout the year and how long they have to be away from their respective families. Yes, they may make money but the tradeoff is probably not worth the toll it takes on their families… As Fans, we should Boo and/or Cheer for our teams because we support them and want them to succeed. We also have to remember that it the team with the best players (and not the best player) that wins…

  10. king flopper says:

    how do they sleep with headphones on …btw shannon brown & earl clark are solid pick ups but their coach might not even play em…

  11. xavierhenry says:

    lebron james, flop and superteam, very good very good, unable to win a title because of limited skills ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA