Nate Robinson Loves XXL-Sized Tacos

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Denver guard Nate Robinson may be short for an NBA player — or “pint-sized,” as he’s referred to in this new ad for Taco Bell — but being small doesn’t seem to have made his appetite any less potent. Anyway, in this new ad, Nate eats one of these big steak tacos in the locker room while wearing warmups, suggesting they might be in a pregame situation. I guess the Taco Bell people didn’t check with Nuggets coach Brian Shaw

VIDEO: Nate Eats Tacos


  1. 36yrfan says:

    …you mean ‘pint-sized’ for a basketball player !!!

  2. MacDrevious says:

    nice camera skills

    i eat 10 nate robiscos for breakfast

  3. Mobb says:


  4. I would really like a taco, and your right pint sized for a ball player.

  5. G37 says:

    Too bad he plays too often like a hot dog.

    I love the spark he gave the McNuggets this year, but when his Dad or friends attended games, Nate played with too much look-at-me-sky moxie and disregarded risk-reward calculus. Like on the play that ended his season, this pint-sized guard– who I have no problem when he goes in for dunks against larger opponents– leapt up to block a breakaway layup when Kenneth Faried was just a step behind him (and ended up landing on the hip of an opponent and tearing his ACL in the process of crashing to the floor).

    The Nuggets bench– which was carrying them– ended up decimated without Nate’s energy and the already-injured Nuggets much-ballyhooed depth could no longer hold up due to his absence on top of Gallo and McGee’s (and now Ty’s temporary absence). Nate needs to play within himself and be there for his teammates (and this isn’t to call him selfish, as he was a great teammate until he showed off once too many times and injured his knee). He also did too many 360 degree spins where he leaves his feet before having any idea what to do with the ball. Like I said, a hot dog not a Taco.

  6. vincent says:

    i guess that had something to do wit his injury lol