Nets’ Collins Meets Matthew Shepard’s Parents

By Nick Margiasso IV

Newly-signed Nets big man Jason Collins, who has been talked about so much in the media for coming out as gay earlier this season before signing his most recent NBA contract, finally got a shot to play again thanks to Brooklyn.

But tonight in Denver (after his squad blew out the Nuggets), he checked off a box with some personal resonance. Collins finally met the family of the slain gay teen Matthew Shepard, who was murdered in a hate crime in 1998, and for whom he wears the number 98.


  1. Dom says:

    The NBA keeps making a big deal out of this. No one cares. Hes gay now move on and talk about something else

    • ivica says:


    • Luke says:

      If it’s not a big deal to you that means you are probably hetero and pretty tolerant of difference. That’s great.

      It also means you might not have imagination for what it’s like to be different in a culture that still pretty intolerant in places.

      For the young gay athletes and gay kids of all sorts who fear to come out and be themselves because they fear bullying or even worse ending up like Matthew Shepard, Jason Collins’ example is a very big deal.

      An even bigger deal is that this is evidence that the culture as a whole is getting more tolerant. Your attitude about it is, ironically, actually part of the big deal. It’s worth talking about Jason to keep that change moving forward so we can make life better for all people.

      Thanks for your tolerance. I applaud the NBA for celebrating it.

  2. Sharna Bangs says:

    Love this guy !! Inspiration to Millions . We appreciate the NBA Highlighting this .

  3. Milwaukee says:

    Kudos to Collins and the NBA and bless the Shepard family for everything they have done for the LGBT community.

  4. Jerome says:

    I can appreciate the healing going on and a call to love people regardless of their sins, simply put love thy neighbour. Donating jersey sales now. Okay then lets donate all jersey sales. There are plenty of minority groups being marginalized still that could use that money especially the black youth in America. I pray the Shepard family and all families realize just how much we all need Grace.

  5. Daniel says:

    Great guy. I respect him fully. Doing great things for NBA and for gay athletes.