Shaqtin’ A Fool: The Shaqtin’s


SHAQ HQ — With the Oscars right around the corner, Shaq felt it was a good time to give out his own Awards, “The Shaqtin’s,” to frequent Shaqtin’ a Fool offenders. “Worst Moment of the Year,” “Worst Pass of the Year,” “Worst Shot of the Year,” and ultimately the “Lifetime Achievement Award” are among the categories in this unique special. Tweet your favorite winner to #Shaqtin!

The Shaqtin’s: Part I | Worst Layup of the Year; Worst Pass of the Year


The Shaqtin’s: Part II | Worst Shot of the Year


The Shaqtin’s: Part III | Worst Play by an All-Star; Wost Turnover of the Year


The Shaqtin’s: Part IV | Worst Moment of the Year; Lifetime Achievement Award



  1. Jack says:

    Shaqtin’ makes the regular season interesting again! The best segment EVER! Shaq’ your a hero!

    • lbj says:

      the king “LeBron” should never be in this video. those 2 video got fouled that’s why he throw the ball like that. take a slow mo look into it!!!

    • KillerDancer says:

      Im pretty sure it wasnt Shaq’s idea.
      The credit goes to …. well, whoever had the idea.
      Shaq was horrible when he joined the crew, he didnt say anything interesting and wasnt funny. Now he is funny and sometimes even talks Basketball.

  2. Fred says:

    From Belgium: Great stuff Shaq

  3. biezdrowo says:

    Thay is way WE LOVE THIS GAME

  4. chaim says:

    Shaq, You are and always was the Best. Keep it going……

  5. JustTheStr8Facts says:

    lmao @ that Javelle compilation

  6. Yo says:

    It’s fake no Mcgee!

  7. Justin Scott says:

    LaBron gets fouled by an invisible ghost every time he flops. Yah, LaBrong, you the King of Flopping!

  8. Morgan says:

    If Shaq ever goes missing, there are only 2 doors the police need to knock on….Perks or McGees, no other suspects.

  9. carlos says:

    i am always waiting for the next episode of shaqtin!!! keep it goin

  10. When you saw those people do all that crazy and some times stupid things, you know and understand they are humans. Shaq please, please continue

  11. Sajh23 says:

    Do the stanky leg….do the stanky leg…do the stanky leg…the best ever….

    Yo Shaq, greetings from Slovenia! JaVaaaalleeee McGeee!!

    Do the stanky leg…do the stanky leg….haahhahahaahh

  12. dwayne says:

    shaq u crazy u don,t need javale mcgee

  13. MadMafia says:

    SHAQ!! you are the best! KEEP IT GOIN’! THIS IS WHY I BALL FOR LIFE!


    greetings all the way from Australia!

  14. mo says:

    ja vale mc gee can’t escape shaqtin a fool

  15. Jason says:

    hilarious. Cant wait for more. Should make a category for “worst bench activity” featuring Kaman sleeping.

  16. Kalbo!! says:

    If ever there would be 1 greatest shaqtin’ a fool moment all time, it’s gotta be javale’s getting back on D. it never fails to make me laugh despite of how many times I see it. ROTFLOL LMAO!

  17. sonik says:

    Technically, Gortat’s TO wasn’t a TO, cause they (Wizards) didn’t lose the ball IMO.

  18. jazzz says:

    haha nice there is Hakeem No-lajuwon hahaaha

  19. Sugashayn says:

    Javale is going to stab him one day.

  20. DFLKJ says:


  21. Aiden says:

    How long do I have to wait for a next episode?
    CAN’T WAIT !!

  22. Shaqtin' A Fool fan says:

    Shagtin’A! some poeple have to lighten seriously. It’s all just for us NBA fans to watch and have a laugh. Bring it on Shaq.keep these footages coming! I bet we don’t even get to see half of what happens but still awesome to laugh at!

  23. shabalala says:


  24. KeCe says:

    This is great, hahaha!

  25. a says:

    he should make a top ten

  26. LBJ King of SHAQTIN says:

    LoL! LBJ wasnt fouled! Clearly a few epic fail plays he did.

  27. Dimo says:

    where is other VJ’s like Charles Barkley etc…if they all were here this would be much funnier

  28. mike says:

    Lebron should win shaqtin the fool of the year award with his hair surgery to fix his balding receding hairline

  29. Javale come back says:

    My best week moment !
    Shaq you’re the man
    Javale !!!!!!!!!!! we miss you so much

  30. artchival sulit says:

    I laugh and laugh big smile big joke shaq your segment is unbelievable to NBA player looks like stupid but BIG FUNNY TO THE PLAYER

  31. JM says:

    best part of the season….. nice thing, Shaq….. keep this up……