Robin Lopez Loves Portland

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Trail Blazers released a video yesterday that involves All Ball favorite Robin Lopez, as well as Bill Walton, superheroes, dancing and Darth Vader. Not really sure how we can not post this.

VIDEO: Rip City Legacy


  1. lbj says:

    Loving Portland will not win you any ring. You need to love and hail our king “LeBron” to win a ring. We will trade future hall of famer center and improving Greg Oden plus future 1st round picks!

    • HAHA says:

      LOL ok bandwagoner calm your tits

    • Sam says:

      You don’t know much about where Oden came from, do you LBJ… And those knees are never making it to the HOF.

    • heat hater says:

      why does the nba site even monitor comments if all we get is trash like this ^^

    • nbafan says:

      what an ignorant comment you have made. even lebron couldn’t do it without the support of wade, bosh, allen and other players. Miami have won 2 championships in a row but that doesn’t mean other teams wont win it this year. they just lost to houston as i speak. a lot of teams haven gotten so much better than miami this year but i guess we’ll just have to wait till playoffs. if they do win then you can say all you want about lebron and miami

    • You’re trading Greg oden for Lopez and future 1st round picks? if this is the real world i’m okay with that, oden could eat you up alive when healthy and on his prime

    • dd def says:

      get outta here fool. that has nothing to do with anything. you’re obviously just another pawn in life, latching on to whatever will make you feel safe and accepted. what you said was not only irrelevant, but also makes you sound like a jester. why would you even take the time to post that half-witted comment? against a team/fan base with no real beef? you that scared you’re precious queen won’t get his three-peat that you gotta puff your minuscule chest to folks who aren’t even frontin’? come on, bro-fam, get with it.

    • Scott says:

      Are you trying to sound like a fool as a joke? LeBron had nothing to do with this haha. Go Blazers! I love you RoLo ! Rip City baby!

  2. Martin says:

    Hahahaha, enjoy the heat this season, that team is getting old , just look at the lakers now , Lebron is bound for an injury soon I mean come on , wade is going to retire soon Greg oden idk as soon as they play him hard and more minutes he will be done, watch out for the young teams like Portland and golden state, yeah small markets but look at who owns the blazers … Money is not an issue.. Anyway we will see who prevails in the playoffs…

  3. says:

    who is this crazy lbj posting nonsense are u gay dude?