Nate Robinson’s Pregame Dance Routine

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Denver’s Nate Robinson is out for the season while recovering from surgery on his ACL, but he has kept his social media game tight. Yesterday, Nate posted this video of his usual pregame dancing routine, set to Deion Sanders‘ classic hip-hop anthem “Must Be The Money.” (I’m not the only person who immediately recognized that as Prime Time’s song, am I?)


  1. Zavian Ali says:

    Doing a dance will not help you win a championship we will trade future hall of famer Norris cole for you ( WHO AM I)


    • lbj says:

      Dancing a pre routine game will not gives you any ring you need to play with the king “LeBron” the king once again will shut you out just like what the king did when you’re playing with the Bulls 4-1. LeBron just so kind to let you win just 1 so that it will not be ashamed to the 2nd GOAT Michael Jordan next to GOAT the king “LeBron”

  2. bernardo says:

    Nate give me some free tacos

  3. Chuckles says:

    I agree with bernardo, why are u bringing up championship rings? what does this have to do with it? Nate is just trying to keep positive during an injury and have fun with his team.
    Dont waste your time on the internet making fun of ppl………

  4. Lee says:

    Video was filmed when he was healthy.

  5. C4life says:

    I dont understand if there is an editor who checks these comments. I mean cmon always the same names who troll always. this is pathetic.

  6. Dancing before games won’t get you a ring
    Neither will the Denver Nuggets
    Miami Heat would trade future hall of fame Norris Cole and Future FHOF coach Juwan Howard for a 2nd over all pick and Nate Robison