Orlando Magic’s Video Tribute To Dwight Howard

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERDwight Howard may currently be a member of the Houston Rockets, but before Houston (and Los Angeles before that), Dwight spent the first eight seasons of his career playing for the Orlando Magic. Wednesday marked Howard’s first return trip to Orlando as a member of the Rockets, and despite the bad feelings surrounding Howard’s departure, the Magic paid tribute to Dwight for his contributions to the organization …

VIDEO: Orlando Tribute To Dwight


  1. NBA IN KIWI LAND says:

    What a great team Orlando is for doing this. instead of holding anomosity towards him just be gratefull and proud that he had great years in Orlando and was a dangerous team just couldnt get ring there but he definetly gave his all there and Dwight hasnt been as good since magic days. altho hes playing bit like his magic days lately. I can see him coming up big in playoffs tho

  2. r says:

    as a florida local and magic fan, i still love dwight and i think when he left the lakers for the rockets i loved him even more

  3. MagicGirl says:

    If you had been at the game, it was one big BOO the entire time the video was on. Emotions still run deep in Orlando.