What If Kobe Made Everything? (Update)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Earlier this week we examined a “Kobe Piano,” or at least what was purported to be a Kobe Bryant piano. It was a piano in the shape of Kobe’s Nike logo, although upon closer inspection, it may not have actually been physically possible to make.

Perhaps in response to the closer examination of the piano, Kobe took to Instagram to show several other everyday products as they might look if Kobe was the creator. As Kobe said in his caption, “The Kobe Piano, The Kobe Pen, Kobe Kobe Beef, The Kobe Light Bulb #madebykobe”

The Kobe Piano, The Kobe Pen, Kobe Kobe Beef, The Kobe Light Bulb #madebykobe

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UPDATE: As for the piano? Turns out it’s for the latest commercial from Foot Locker…

VIDEO: Kobe Piano


  1. lbj says:

    Kobe is completely done!!! Even in your dreams it will never gonna happen. Our king “LeBron” can do everything and this is a FACT!!!

    • ndidi says:

      Kobe will never be done, even after he wins that 6th championship and he doesn’t need LeBron to do it,


        What a pathetic excuse what they consider a great player.. LOL! I still remember on one of Kobe’s advertisement “Heroes come and go but Legends are forever.. This @lbj doesn’t really know what he’s tallking about.. Kobe is the only player that can be compared to MJ.. AS WHAT MJ SAID THAT THE ONLY GUY THAT COULD BEAT HIM IS NONE OTHER THAN KOBE BRYANT AND MJ CHOOSE KOBE OVER LEBRON!.. The greatest player of all time himself respects Kobe’s greatness and who are you to disrespect Kobe?! Lebron scored 61 without any defense from Bobcats and you’ll say it’s great?! LOL!! HOW MANY TIMES KOBE DID 60+ points?

        At age 28 Kobe scored 81 points against Toronto Raptors 1/22/2006.
        At age 29 = 65 points Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Portland Trail Blazers 3/16/2007 (OT)
        At age 27 = 62 points Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Dallas Mavericks 12/20/2005
        At age 31 = 61 points Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers New York Knicks 2/2/2009
        At age 29 = 60 points Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Memphis Grizzlies 3/22/2007



        Carmelo Anthony done it 62 POINTS against Bobcats as well 1/25 OF THIS YEAR! THAT WILL SHOW THAT BOBCATS REALLY HAS A VERY BAD DEFENSE..

        I totally agree with @ndidi.. Lebron is NBA’s greatest JOKE of all time..

        Celebrate now because Lebron will not last in NBA he is still the same Lebron 10 years ago.. he stilll doesn;t improve he’s shooting skills he all use is his speed and power.. HEY MAN NOTE THIS ONE 2 YRS FROM NOW WHEN HE TURNED 32 HE’S SPEED AND POWER WILL NOT BE THE SAME AND WHERE HE WILL GO?! LOL! HE IS NOT EVEN CLOSE WITH KOBE’S GREATNESS SUCH AS FADE AWAY, SHOOTING SKILLS, CROSS OVER, FOOT WORK NAME IT AT AGE 34 KOBE IS STILL BEATING THE YOUNG GUNS IN SCORING..

        I WILL REMEMBER YOU @lbj 2 years from now and I will see if you will comment back here again with your DUMB LEBRON..

      • asd says:

        5x mvp and back-to-back champion… u mad bro?
        imagine if lebron was ever the second best player on his own team like kobe was when he rode shaq to those 3 championships…
        kobe could never get to the finals by himself… he needed an allstar in gasol and strong players like bynum and odom to do it… lebron took a team to the finals where the second best player was larry hughes who scored 14ppg on 40%fg…. yah… so stop with ur nonsense LEBRON’S next in line to be GOAT thats why he’s 5x mvp… something only jordan accomplished… if kobe’s so good why hasn’t he won more mvp awards… and jordan only chose him cuz he knew kobe could never really take his throne with the first 3 rings being shaq’s but jordan is legitimately scared of lebron eclipsing his legacy

      • asd, set down that sexy picture of LeBron you’re staring at and do some simple internet research, because you are factually wrong on a number of things. I’ll point out just a FEW of MANY.

        “5x mvp and back-to-back champion…”
        LBJ has 4 MVPs, not 5, LOL.

        kobe could never get to the finals by himself… he needed an allstar in gasol and strong players like bynum and odom to do it…
        And Jordan needed one Hall of Famer (Pippen) for the first 3peat, and TWO Hall of Famers for the second 3peat. And LeBron needed TWO-THREE (Bosh, Wade, Allen) probable future Hall of Famers to win those two. NOBODY WINS A CHAMPIONSHIP BY THEMSELVES. :::smfh::

        “lebron took a team to the finals where the second best player was larry hughes who scored 14ppg on 40%fg”
        And tell me, how did the Cavs do in that Finals series? Oh yeah, they were SWEPT. Hahahahahaha.

        “thats why he’s 5x mvp… something only jordan accomplished…”
        Again, LBJ doesn’t have 5 MVPs, but 4. And Jordan’s NOT the only one to get 5 MVPs. Bill Russell also got 5. And guess what? 5 isn’t even the highest! Kareem is a 6-TIME MVP.

        You really, really need to…like…get your facts straight before you start posting all this error-filled crap! Out.

  2. lbj says:

    maybe he should make an airplane so that he can fly to miami and join our King “LeBron” if he wants that 6th ring.

  3. sports fan says:

    lbj, you’re just like a delusional Kobe fan. LeBron is an elite basketball player like Kobe and that’s it. They both excel only in basketball. Neither can play piano and neither can play a 2nd sport at a high level (everyone says LeBron can play football in the NFL but he still hasn’t proven that he can.) And Kobe at least proved he can win the dunk contest. LeBron CANNOT do everything and THAT is a fact.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Kobe only excels in basketball? LOL. This doesn’t even deserve a reply…

    • ndidi says:

      actually kobe does play the piano

    • KJM says:

      Kobe can actually play piano, he’s apparently quite talented outside of basketball.

    • LR says:

      Kobe can actually play Moonlight Sonata on the piano. Even if it is the only song he knows, technically he can play the piano. And with the athletic ability and drive that both players possess, I’m pretty sure both could’ve double lettered in high school if they wanted to. Yes, they are both mainly known for their basketball skills, but I’m sure they excel at other things. To say that they are so good at one thing that they can’t be good at other things is ridiculous.

    • typeai says:

      lbj???? funny king floopers! kobe is fallen but dominance vs dominance…. think about it.

  4. bruce da juice says:

    First of all, lets stop comparing LeBron to Kobe ( kb24) 5 rings to LeBron 2 rings.It just don’t add up.

  5. LeBlow Job says:

    @lbj wait wut, he only got 61 vs a trashy team without D? can hear ya, isn’t is 81? LBJ give me da D

  6. lafreakover says:

    Hey LBJ 🙂 who’s gotta more championship rings ? Kobe or Lebron ? I think it’s a simple question & it also shows just everything ! 🙂 Kobe will be back 🙂 & Lebron should go to the Lakers, because Miami will lose hard against Pacers or…Oklahoma, whatever 🙂

  7. Yea says:

    Kobe>Letrash anyday

  8. 6 FOR 6 says:

    LBJ clearly can’t do everything, now can he.

    Hell, it’s taken him over 10/11 seasons to finally score over the 60 point bracket, and even that was against a crap defensive squad.

    Y’all just slurping the Miami cool aid coz they’re winning. Watch them fail to 3peat, and then watch Lebron blame the team and not himself, and run away just like he did before.

    I’m not a Bryant fan by any stretch, but the man has had a more illustrious career than Lebron, and done it all playing for one squad.

  9. kobe4life says:

    1,2,3,4,5… and glad u mentioned 6th ring.

  10. Looney Toon says:

    Kobe should do Space Jam 2.

  11. Here we go again!!!! says:

    Yet more pointless and needless publicity for Kobe Bryant. All this guy is doing is attention seeking because he can’t stand any attention being on anybody or anything other than him. The worst thing you can do to an attention seeker is give them attention i.e these articles.

  12. MK7 says:

    LBJ fans are so funny…. he goes for 61 and the f** media explodes, lebron is a fashion… kobe is a legend, the best in the last 16 years, LBJ david stern`s litlle kid… given MVPS not earned MVPs, hope he gets another ring otherwise he will cry

    • BLAQ says:

      Grow up !!!!!! forget the past live in the moment please

    • another idiot says:

      kobe fans are delusional… how long has it been since he was in the playoffs?! a 23 year old lebron went to the finals with a team thats second player averaged 14 points on 40% fg
      if only lebron was ever the second best palyer on his team… like kobe was when he rode shaq to those first 3 rings … lebron would have not 7, not 8, not 9…..

  13. hochiminh says:

    simple in the last 16 years the best, player

  14. hochiminh says:

    the real king michael jordan chose koby over lebron

    • another idiot says:

      cuz mike knows kobe is no threat to his legacy cuz his first 3 rings were shaqs not his own…. lebron is just in the midst of his prime and already been to 4 finals and 2 rings… he is the only one that can eclipse jordan

  15. Shep says:

    Lebron can play the violin and just because kobe won the dunk compition that doesn’t make him better than lebron. Lebron can make his team win games Kobe cannot because last season kobe and Dwight done terrible

  16. Debbie says:

    Very nice commercial.

  17. JonB says:

    Lebron cannot win a CHAMPIONSHIP without these franchise players like DWADE, CB4, RAY ALLEN, etc…that’s the F A C T!!!!

    • Exactly! Kobe went to three straight finals without a future hall of famer on his team. Two straight championships. Jordan, on the other hand, didn’t make it to the finals until he had a future first-ballot HoF player (Scottie), and got the second 3peat with TWO Hall of Famers backing him up (Scottie and Rodman). LeBron, same thing–2 championships, yes. But for the first one, he had two future Hall of Famers with him (Wade and Bosh) and last year had THREE future Hall of Famers (Wade, Bosh, Allen). And they STILL needed 7 games to beat the Pacers AND the Spurs! Wah wahhhhhh.

      • the truth says:

        thank you that is the truth haha not hating on lebron but you cannot say he did it by himself… no one does it by themselves everyone has to have a good supporting cast

  18. Makif says:

    “it will make lionel richie´s tears , cry tears” LOLOLOL LMFAO…

  19. sonofabbas says:

    you lot all need to chill

  20. Give it a rest says:

    Man, what is with everyone comparing NBA players? What if Kobe could have played Bird/Magic/Jordan in their primes?

    Such an apples to oranges comparison. Impossible to compare because the game evolves. The Bird/Magic NBA isn’t what the Kobe NBA was or the LeBron NBA or the Durant NBA. Plus the hallmark of a truly great player is their ability to adapt to changing opponents.

    Yeah, a ring is great, but name a single player who won one ring all on his own…

    Every ring has a great team behind it. Just because player X has 4 and Player Y has 5 doesn’t mean squat except Y was on a better team for longer than X. If a ring really means anything in today’s NBA, it really only means that the owners were willing to spend more money or were located in a bigger market that could attract top notch talent.

  21. The Truth says:

    Kobe is so done ad rings um how man MVP”s does Kobe have ok thank you. And stop comparing him to MJ no one not even LeBron will be as great as MJ but he is closer than Kobe. And lets not forget that 3 ofKobe’s 5 rings came with one of the games most dominant big men ever.

    • And let’s not forget that ALL of Jordan’s rings came with either one or even *two* HALL OF FAMERS on his team. Let’s not forget LeBron didn’t get a ring until he played with TWO future Hall of Famers (and his second ring came with THREE future hall of famers). Kobe won 2 championships in a row without a future hall of famer on his team (I SERIOUSLY doubt Gasol will make the HoF)

  22. sports fan says:

    @LakersWillWin – Show me actual proof that Kobe excels at something other than basketball. Not just being good but excel.
    @ndidi, KJM, & LR – There is no proof that Kobe can play Moonlight Sonata because you never see his hands in that video. Show me real proof that he can play piano and I will gladly stand corrected.

    • Kobe is incredibly intelligent, not just on the court. He speaks at least FOUR languages fluently, maybe more (I don’t remember for sure). I know he speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and French.

      • sports fan says:

        Kobe only speaks English fluently & claims to be fluent in Italian, which he learned at age 6. He speaks some French & Spanish but not fluently in either. To excel in a language a person would need to also read it & write it as well. Language doesn’t count as something Kobe excels in but he is multi-skilled by being multi-lingual. From the onset I’ve said that Kobe only excels only in basketball & that still holds true. In order to excel in something you have to spend x amount of hours per day. After that you won’t have much time to put into something else. Unless you’re truly gifted like Deion Sanders & Bo Jackson to excel in 2 sports at the pro level then it’s very very hard to excel in more than one thing.

  23. peter says:

    Lebron cannot win a CHAMPIONSHIP without these franchise players like DWADE, CB4, RAY ALLEN, etc…that’s the F A C T!!!!

  24. DRosiere says:

    Seriously why does this video and article require a Kobe and Lebron comparison in the comment section? There was no mention of comparing the two, so why are we doing it?

  25. FCJ says:

    KOBE then LeBron, This is the FACT, shutt up!

  26. MK7 says:

    Comen on rookies… “Shaq`s rings”?, Basketball = TEAM GAME… you should go and play tennis…
    yesterday lebron was a JOKE against the spurs… fouling so he can go and sit… QUITER Q-U-I-T-E-R

  27. Shade says:

    Lebron is a good player, no doubt. Good, not GREAT! And if you say that KOBE never won anything by himself, then you should say the same about Lebron, who had to team up not with one All-Star, but two of them to have a chance at greatness.
    And, just for the record, no NBA great had ever won it all by themselves. They all needed help, one way or the other (KOBE/Shaq, KOBE/Pau, Garnett/Pierce/Allen, MJ/Scottie, Magic/Kareem, Bird/Parish/McHale, Thomas/Laimbeer/Rodman, Duncan/Robinson, etc., etc.). This is a team game after all!!!

    • yess says:

      Detroit won a championship without an all-star caliber, their championship was more better than the 2peat of Miami

  28. jg says:

    what a joke.