Happy Birthday, Shaq

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Today is Shaquille O’Neal‘s 41st 42nd birthday. And in honor of Dr. O’Neal making it through another year, I through we’d look at some of his greatest Instagram moments from the last year (with an added bonus at the bottom of the post after the jump). Happy birthday, Diesel…

And an added bonus…here’s the time Rick Fox and I “bowled” Shaq into a pyramid of trash cans…

VIDEO: Bowling Shaq


  1. lbj says:

    Having Shaq birthday at Sacramento will not give him a ring as a co-owner of the team he needs to be a co-owner of the Heat with the king “LeBron”

    • lbjfan says:

      yo lbj, long time no mention. I still remember when you were sayin’ Dwight was comin to Miami. I didn’t believe it but I admired your consistency. Yes, I do appreciate the real LeBron James, but I’m truly your number one fan, lbj

    • stop relaiting everything to lebron

  2. FunkyAxl says:

    Shaq’s 42 not 41.

  3. Tom says:

    Shaq’s funny as hell man!!!!

  4. JM says:

    Mr. President of Shaqtin A Fool. Your birthday would be even more fun if you invited Javale, Kendrick and Enes to celebrate w/ you.