Tim Duncan Helps District Attorney Win Election

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For very many years, I used to regularly refer to Tim Duncan as The Tim Duncan Robot. I did this as a tribute to Duncan, because no player of his era has played with the same kind of emotionless, ruthless efficiency and dedication to perfection, night after night after night. So it made me chuckle this morning when I listened to a recording Duncan made for his friend, San Antonio political candidate Nicolas LaHood, who was running for District Attorney. Who better to record a robo-call than the Tim Duncan Robot?

(By the way, you know how Duncan is so committed to winning? His buddy LaHood won his race by about 50 votes.)

(via Hardwood Paroxysm)


  1. LBJ is a troll says:

    Hey LBJ…before you come to troll…if the “King” Lebron want’s more than two rings he should join the “Master” Timmy D. We’ll trade no one because, well, Screw You

  2. lbj says:

    helping your friend win the district attorney election will not win you another ring unless you join our king “Lebron” we will trade HOF Norris Cole and future first round picks!

  3. Kevo says:

    Almost took lbj’s comment seriously until I read “HOF Norris Cole”…. lmao