Baron Davis: To Live And Try In L.A.

By Nick Margiasso IV

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week, we saw Baron Davis explore the possibility of taking his “game” overseas on his NBA comeback quest.

In the latest edition of the ongoing saga, Baron’s last good shot at stardom comes (and goes?) twofold on a trip to Los Angeles…

VIDEO: Baron’s comeback stops in L.A.


  1. baronwtf says:

    ok baron, are you broke ? i hope you are not broke and that all the comeback videos are some fakes where you playing the actor.
    and if you play the role of a former nba player who can’t retire in dignity, you do it perfectly.
    it’s painful to watch if it’s real, you humiliate yourself like an extremely, extremely stupid tv reality people, 80% of what you say is laughable and lame.
    if you are just showcasing some actor skills, man it’s great, the movie about a former highlvl athlete who reach the end of his highlvl career, the cold “get back to the real life” with no crowd and nba kinda cheers for nothing, not “the man” any more, only “a” man. so what kind of man, old bitty parasyte addicted to cameras crying for attention or a real man.

    man i dont know if it’s real, the nba would make this perpetual humiliation and showcase of stupidity by baron public ?
    don’t go hard on me because i say it, i don’t dislike baron. i hope this is fake, but the nba gives us this to watch and comment so..i don’t know, the tnt crew reactions seem real. The party thing ? wow. “hey chuck chuck”…wow . or kenny smith’s door in the basement lol.
    if davis is broke, give him money, a financial adviser, stop this public carnage and tell him to behave

  2. bazedmore says:

    its a joke dude, a self-effacing joke
    awkward humour, a bit like Ricky gervais’s office

  3. Jim says:

    Baron Davis is HILARIOUS

  4. Mikeyyy says:

    Man this is just entertainment man. He probly could come back to an nba team if he really wanted to. Baron has been doing spof videos and other solo videos for ages with steve nash helping out production. I find these funny. like in the last episode when he talks to his friend and adviser and is like “man you like a basketball yoda, its amazing how you say the stupidest things and are always wrong but still manage to inspire me” i like these, it makes us not forget about baron and what hes done