J-Smoove To Brew: No Soup For You

At some point of any Timberwolves game these days, you’re going to see a streaking Corey Brewer awaiting a full-court pass from Kevin Love or Ricky Rubio. This habit has produced some serious noggin-shaking highlights, not to mention very few offensive rebounds for the former Gator.

Every now and again however, teams pay attention to the scouting report. Say hello to Josh Smith, your attentive student for the evening:

VIDEO: Corey Brewer falls victim to spectacular block by Josh Smith


  1. wade says:

    No soup for brewer no rings for you J smoove you have to go to south beach to play with dwayne FLASH wade
    we trade future hall of fame michael beasly and good 3 point shooter james jones and future draft picks.


    6th man: Chalmers
    strong reserve:Lewis, Douglas, Anderson, Battier

    3 peat for the heat

    • lbfnj says:

      why not just trade lbj and wade for jmoove and brandon jennings and then give the pacers chris bosh for a safe future round first pick