Shoeless Mike Scott Strikes Oakland

When Mike Miller drained a treyball without a left shoe during a Miami run in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, it was a moment that earned an ESPY nod and will be remembered for a long time. Yeah, it was a big shot during a classic Finals game, but the visual was more remarkable by its rarity. If you asked every player that suited up for an NBA game if he hit a deep ball bereft of a shoe during a game, I’d wager that less than two percent would say yes.

Count the Hawks’ Mike Scott among the initiated. Against the Warriors on Friday, he slips right out his left shoe while setting a pick. Call a timeout or foul immediately on defense, right? Nope. Play on!

After playing a possession on D, still unable to slip his shoe back on, he slides back down the court. Coming off another screen and his man David Lee miles away, he found himself WIDE OPEN on the pass from Jeff Teague. You can guess what happened next:

VIDEO: Mike Scott loses his left shoe, plays defensive possession, then nails the trey

You got to believe Lee will hear about this during film session. Paraphrasing Warriors’ color guy Jim Barnett, why let a handicapped opponent off the hook?

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  1. Javier says:

    Not that big a deal… I’m a Heat fan and I thought they made a too big a deal of Miller’s shoeless 3 in the Finals. They make it sound like you shot it with one arm or something.