Yannick Noah Is A Huge Fan Of His Son

Joakim Noah is a man of animation. News flash. But he had to get it from somewhere, right?

On Sunday, we got an insight into Noah’s fiery nature when his father Yannick Noah was interviewed by Lisa Salters during Sunday’s matchup between the Heat and Bulls. He was a willing participant, answering questions while keeping his eye on the game. Slowly, the steadiness of his replies lessened, until he finally lost it and stopped the interview to give the Bulls, rather his son, a standing ovation.

It stands simply as one of the better moments of the year.

VIDEO: Yannick Noah can’t contain himself during interview

After the game, fresh off an OT victory for Chicago, Salters asked Joakim about his pops:

VIDEO: Joakim talks about his father’s passion after the Heat-Bulls game


  1. jty7271 says:

    That was great! I wished they showed a clip of the jumping reverse overhead spike move his father used to do in tennis.

  2. joe says:

    noah was awesome.. like father like son.. 🙂

  3. chalo says:

    man, that converse ad is truly annoying…

  4. Kim says:

    He got disappointed by the free throw shooting but its good to see him support his son.