Brooklyn ballboy shows good hustle

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I just spent about ten minutes trying (in vain) to find a video clip of a play from 2001, when then-Hawks guard Jacque Vaughn made a steal during a game in Cleveland, and had to forearm shiver an unsuspecting ballboy out of the way while sinking a lay-up. (There is a written recap of it here, though.)  This happens from time to time in the NBA, when a ballboy runs onto the court to do his or her job, and then the run of play suddenly reverses and the ballboy finds themselves caught out there.

This is exactly what happened last night in Brooklyn, where a ballboy ventured onto the court to clean up the floor and found himself in crosshairs of a Tyler Hansbrough fastbreak. What do you do when Psycho T comes crashing down on you? You dive off the court as fast as you can, that’s what you do …

VIDEO: Nets ballboy hustles to avoid Tyler Hansbrough

(via BDL)


  1. lbj says:

    Showing hustle in Brooklyn will not give you any ring you need to show hustle in Miami with the king “LeBron”!!!

  2. lbj says:

    Showing hustle in Brooklyn will not give you any ring you need to show hustle in Miami with the king “LeBron”!!!

    • a says:

      this has nothing to do with lebron. you have to go around commenting on everything about lebron. come on man hes a ball boy not a professional athlete

  3. dustydreamnz says:

    Hansborough thought the guy got in his way but gee he was quick.

  4. KD says:


  5. AH3 says:

    Yes lbj man. aren’t we all LeBron fans. But everything doesn’t revolve around LeBron. This is about a ball boy that booked across the court for safety. Nothing to do with LeBron. So please for me, and everyone else. Stop freaking out and relating everything to LeBron. You make us people who enjoy these videos and conversations not want to come back.

  6. Theresa says:

    That ball boy is my Godson and DANG he sure does have hustle!!! Heart was in my throat when I saw the clip thinking….UH oh,,
    Love that kid!

  7. Hatersgnnahate says:

    how does Lebron get brought into the conversation everytime???? that ball boy has more hustle than Lebron!!

  8. referee says:

    wasn’t there a travel @ Hansbrough??

  9. bob says:

    ballboys is more safe in miami, the king “LeBron” cares about ballboys

  10. Nicevideo says:

    Why do you write: the king “LeBron”. I always imagined LeBron was his name and “the king” his awkward nickname..

    Amazing ability to relate everything to “the king”

  11. sports fan says:

    Don’t worry everyone, lbj won’t comment anymore as soon as the Heat either lose to the Pacers or lose in the finals.

  12. LS says:

    Nice, heads-up move by the ball boy. Hansbrough has nothing to complain about. And, I agree that it’s not necessary to bring LeBron into every article or video on this site. We’re bombarded enough with the media and analysts doing it.