LeBron meets fan with enormous LeBron tattoo

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Apparently it’s good to be the King. Yesterday a fan in Miami went into The Juice Spot, the juice bar co-owned by LeBron’s wife. This fan had a back tattoo featuring some vivid art of LeBron James. Next thing you know, guess who showed up to meet that fan? As LeBron wrote on Instagram: “This dude came into the @thejuicespot with his lady today. Got him some juices and showed me this while he was at it. Had to take a flick with him #WOW #WitnessHistory #StriveForGreatness”


  1. Wow says:

    Taking fandom to a whole new (creepy) level…..haha. Awesomely done tattoo, bad idea.

  2. Enrique Iggy says:

    wow dedicating a tattoo to that guy…one of THE dumbest tattoos ever in my opinion

  3. Capn Kirk says:

    Agreed…just plain stupid

  4. marc valenz says:

    i rather put a tattoo of my bestfriend face than this.well i cant blame that guy hes a fanatic

  5. westcost says:

    idiot kid need a life

  6. westcost says:

    what if lebron levas the heat

    • Dumb-bron says:

      Easy….get a new Tattoo

    • hobes01 says:

      Maybe somewhere there’s a Cavs fan with a Lebron tattoo and a lot of regrets

    • SmoothMM says:

      Doesn’t matter. LeBron has already made an impact on the Heat. The tattoo would still be relevant because — whether LeBron switches teams — it wouldn’t erase history of LeBron winning a championship with the Heat.

  7. Aditya says:

    That guy is a big Lebron James fan it seems like

  8. CP10 says:

    LeBron is a full head and shoulders taller than the guy on the left, unreal!! Nothing wrong with with a little idolism 🙂

  9. GameBundle says:

    that is a good tattoo. Just weird.

  10. GameBundle says:

    Even though i am a big fan of LeBron James

  11. Bryan says:

    I feel like its timeless because of the expression above the picture and I feel like whether people like to admit it or not they look at athletes such as lebron, kobe, michael jordan, etc….. of more than just basketball players. So, in hindsight I think that its a great looking work of art and I take my hat off to Lebron for showing gratitude rather than disgust. i don’t always agree with Lebron being crowned the best but the guy is a great humanitarian especially to his fans and I think that is the reason things like this happen to him and other athletes that show this type of gratitude.

  12. LebRonFantoo says:

    haters y’all leave!

  13. paul george says:

    this guy needs a fine

  14. jg says:

    i have seen worse.

  15. Love the hate and the love for my tattoo

  16. What says:

    Just google image Kobe tattoo if you want some free laughs.

  17. yuri says:

    I just think that we should keep our noses out of other people’s businesses . If he felt he wanted that tattoo, so be it, i’ve seen people with all kind’s of tattoos such as superman, spiderman and all those super heroes that dont even exist. I’ve seen people with faces of politicians that they never met in their lives as ‘Che’ , AND I DONT CARE. We live in America and here we could do just about whatever we want but commit a crime. At least the kid got to meet his idol because of his tattoo, so GOOD FOR YOU.

  18. yuri says:

    And please haters , dont hate me for a simple comment lol

  19. ToLBJ says:

    Seriously lbj, everytime I come to read a blog, I see you kissing up to Lebron James. Why don’t you give yourself a Lebron James Tattoo as well?

  20. dustydreamnz says:

    I wouldn’t do it but looks quite good.

  21. bobby says:

    he’ll regret it, don’t worry.

  22. Matthijs says:

    Norris Cole future Hall of Famer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Allycat says:

    That’s going to be weird tattoo when lebron leaves the heat one day. Lol

  24. MIS_STOOD says:

    big fan of Lebron…big fan of the artwork…not a big fan of the decision (double entendre)

  25. Mike says:

    Wow. I’m sure he won’t regret that when LeBron moves to team No. 3

  26. Mike says:

    Notice how the middle of “witness” is missing? I think that’s so he can change it to “witless”.