Chris Paul follows up Clippers win with extra practice

By Lang Whitaker,

VIDEO: CP3 Does Extra Work

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night the Los Angeles Clippers hosted the Golden State Warriors in a game between two of the better teams out West. The Clippers led throughout and finished with a 111-98 win, but that apparently wasn’t good enough for all of the Clippers. Following the game, Chris Paul went back out to the court to put in more work. Paul, who finished 5-15 from the floor (and 1-3 on threes) apparently wasn’t satisfied with the win. Perhaps you’ll recall Kobe Bryant once did the same thing after a Lakers loss game in Miami. In the video above, Paul explains that he feels like the Clips have a special team this season and he has to do his part.


  1. lbj says:

    Doing some extra practice still will not give Clippers any ring. He needs to play alongside with the king “LeBron” to get his first ring. We will trade also a decent and future hall of famer point guard Norris Cole plus future 1st round picks!

    • No says:

      Who on earth would trade CP3 for a backup point guard and some picks?!?!?!?

      • tl says:

        apparently lbj would lol

      • abg says:


      • lbj troll says:

        you can forget this guy. he says the same thing over and over and probably copies and paste his comments. a troll or a complete idiot. surfing all day.

        What team would for those conditions? If you own the Clippers would you make THAT trade at all?

    • Hardhat Lunchpail says:

      Yep. Then you’ll trade Birdman for Dwight Howard and your bench for the Pacers’ starters. All you’ve gotta do is hit the “Force Trade” button and your dream team is all set!

    • lbj says:

      @lbj troll if they really wants to release a future hall of famer Norris Cole and has a championship experience compare to CP3 plus future first round picks. If I’m the Clippers it is not a bad deal at all!!!

      • Larry Brown says:

        lbj do you have special needs? Did you steal your moms computer? Or are you just some bandwaggoner hear fan that knows nothing about basketball. Bc Norris cole is a decent back up not a future hall of famer. And cp3 is referred to as a point god….idk if you’re tryna be funny or what

    • pedro says:

      This guy is an idiot, hez everywhere… so annoying… loser with nothing better to do lol

  2. Javier says:

    Damn. Staying after the game to keep practicing sounds like that killer trait that Kobe has.

    Please ignore the user “lbj”

  3. cp3 says:

    lbj wont win another ring he needs to go to the next best team ‘\ without putting in work take all the credit and maybe just maybe call himself the greatest of all time shut up ”shut up lbj”

  4. BOSS says:

    lbj we could be friends. you,re stupid, clippers be winning

  5. GSWfan says:

    I saw the game. I don’t think the Clippers really lead throughout as stated here. There were some lead changes as I recall. It was pretty close until the 4th quarter. I think the turning point was the offensive foul by Green on Griffin as Crawford hit a three-pointer. Had that shot counted, I’m thinking it would have made a difference. Good game.

  6. Polak from Poland says:

    wow, Madelyn looks great…

  7. LAKobe says:

    Kobe coming back to win it all. GOAT

  8. smh says:

    lbj is continuing to troll the nba posts. lol let him troll