Knicks fans ready for Phil Jackson to “come home”

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night on NBA TV’s “GameTime,” Greg Anthony reported that a deal has been struck between the Knicks and Phil Jackson. While we wait for confirmation from Jackson or the Knicks, Phil Jackson would not only give the Knicks instant championship experience, but he’d also give Knicks fans the single greatest quality for sports fans: Hope.

And if you don’t think Knicks fans are already excited about the possibility of Phil returning to the franchise where he played decades ago, check out this video one Knicks fan created and posted on YouTube…

VIDEO: Phil Jackson Coming Home

(via Extra Mustard)


  1. the "king" says:

    Phil Jackson coming to Knicks will not give Knicks fans any ring. Phil Jackson should go with the heat with the king “LeBron” and be like a mentor to get his 12th ring!

  2. Sam Reye says:

    Come on Phil, Carmelo Needs and deserves that ring.

  3. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    Well Sam Reye, Carmelo won’t get it until he actually learns how to play basketball

  4. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    or join our King Lebron 😀