Shawn Marion sings during cryotherapy

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In recent years, cryotherapy has become a popular way for NBA players to recover from the rigors of NBA action. What is cryotherapy? Basically, it involves going into a room or chamber that is literally freezing cold, for a short period of time. This, I suppose, mimics the effect of putting ice on an injury, except that it ices your entire body.

Cryotherapy is not without its dangers — Manny Harris learned the hard way not to wear wet socks — but when carefully controlled, it can be invigorating and useful, as a few reporters who cover the Cavs found out earlier this year.

The Dallas Mavericks, always on the cutting edge, have their own hyper-cooling chamber. Here’s video of Shawn Marion giving it a whirl, and singing Ralph Tresvant’s “Sensitivity” to help pass the time.

VIDEO: Marion Cooling Off

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  1. OKC says:

    Ha I love Marion. One of the few guys in the league who can give KD trouble and he is 35 @_@. That and his shot cracks me up.