Check out this amazing pregame video projection from the Cavaliers

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week the Cleveland Cavaliers retired the number of Zydrunas Ilgauskas, their longtime center. As part of the special celebration, they used a video projection company — which has previously made NBA pregame projections — that produced a mind-bending video projection to start the game. According to Quince Imaging, this was created through the use of a lot of things that I don’t understand…

Using a combination of 3D mapping techniques and video content produced by the Cavs own QTV team and Think Media, Quince transformed the court surface and surrounding screens into an immersive video environment.

Utilizing the latest revision of Pandoras Box version 5.5 and the newly released version of Warper, video content was aligned to the graphic design elements on the Cavs basketball court.

The system was comprised of 16 HD projectors, creating a pixel space of 3600×1878.

I just wonder if I can borrow this to hook up to my PS3?

VIDEO: Cavs pregame video

(via Next Impulse Sports)


    • lbj says:

      This is a sign no disrespect to our king “LeBron” He is not even included in the video who is the only player who put them into finals!!! but instead they just featured Varejao and Ilgauskas who is not even an average player this is plain stupidity. They should video LeBron’s winning shot against Orlando in the finals that’s the only time then won a game in a final series because of our king!!!!

  1. dustydreamnz says:

    Amazing, it really is better than I thought.

  2. dan says:

    to the idiot who said LeBron’s game winner against Orlando was the only game they won in the finals: explain to me how two teams from the eastern conference were able to match up in the finals. they were swept by san Antonio in THE finals that year. how dumb are you bro?

  3. David says:

    Total disrespect to the king.

  4. ShadoweX says:

    LBJ is still a current competitor. Naturally they should leave him out. Maybe after he retires they can give him props. But I bet the sting of “The Decision” is still apparent with fans so it is best to leave him out just for that reason alone.

  5. vinsanefan says:

    That’s absolutely incredible! There is now a new gold standard in pre game videos.

  6. jedi says:

    they still really hate lebron… they didn’t include the BEST ALL TIME CAVALIER in the videos….

  7. Marky Mark says:

    That was a very, very nice projection video.. They should use it in the Finals come June..
    Am waiting for LBJ’s face or no. to be flashed..But I saw nothing with his image on screen.
    The organization wasted LBJ’s NBA years with them and yet the organization didn’t even bothered by
    showing even his back jersey..or his jersey’s number.
    And hey KD, u said lbj betrayed Cleveland? It’s a fuxxn business..Just like what Dwight, Anthony did
    with their former teams…
    And KD, I know someday, u will betray ur team too….for money though…

  8. baller says:

    Really cool. U just wish that they had a better team to represent it lol

  9. Tod says:

    First off the video highlighted players active on the team and retired jerseys. Hence no Lebron. Second, if you check the Vimeo site, this company has done some AMAZING 3D projection already, including the championship ring ceremony for the Miami Heat. So it doesn’t matter what team represents. This company is awesome!

  10. rhodnel candelario says: I think it should be on your show 😀