The amazing story of Brian Scalabrine

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERBrian Scalabrine played parts of eleven seasons in the NBA. As a back-up power forward, Scalabrine seemed to make his most significant contributions off the court — on the benches, in the locker rooms. Scalabrine retired with career averages of 3.1 points per game to go along with 2 rebounds per game. Yet he managed to stay in the NBA for over a decade, because he not only knew the game of basketball (which is why he’s now an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors) but also because he was the kind of teammate that his own teammates enjoyed having around. He also gave himself a funny nickname — The White Mamba — that endures to this day.

But what if Scalabrine actually had been a transformational basketball player? This fake 30 For 30 trailer explores that very question…in a pretty hilarious way…

VIDEO: “Brian”


  1. jdub455 says:

    hahha… white mamba, i like that!

  2. Mamba Blanco says:

    He should be alone in Mt. Rushmore

  3. War Machine BR says:

    Unanimous GOAT. White Mamba is GOD!

  4. rtdu says:

    he copies kobe just hes “white mamba” not “black mamba”

  5. Stiz says:

    Soon Kyrie Irving Is Out…

  6. White mamba !!!!!!!! Good luck with warriors

  7. scal says:

    LOL, “he’s extremely athletic”

  8. IceCheat says:

    I think in Europe he would have been a great player. He had a high basketball I.Q. and was an excellent shooter, but I think the NBA just wasn’t for him.