LeBron hangs out at world’s coolest McDonald’s

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In this new commercial from McDonald’s, we see LeBron James visiting a McDonald’s in “an undisclosed location.” I’m guessing the location is undisclosed because it looks like its pretty awesome. First of all, you need a password to get in, although “special sauce” seems a bit obvious for a location that is so secretive. Once inside, this McDonald’s appears to be a cross between a nightclub and a Virgin America Airlines plane — neon lights, brightly-colored walkways. There are flamenco dancers, ice sculptures, even sports celebrities — Johnny Manziell and Alex Morgan are just hanging around.

There’s also some crazy new sandwich available, but I can’t get over this McDonald’s. Can we get an invite, Ronald? Please?

VIDEO: New LeBron McDonald’s Ad

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  1. lbj says:

    This branch of McDonalds soon have a lot of people to visit due to advertisement of our king “LeBron”!!

    • Bermir says:

      Eating burgers does not get you a ring.

    • Lebron suckss says:

      The king “LeBron” wont win his 3rd ring eating McDonald’s. He needs to retire and the heat need to sign delonte west if they want a ring

    • YuMadd says:

      Shut up

    • KD says:

      this commercial is stupid

    • The Voice Of Reason says:

      Hey @lbj, GM of the Clippers wanted to deal with you, how does this deal sound for you…

      We will trade you Lebron James for 2 future Hall Of Famers, Ryan Hollins and Jared Duddley and THREE 3rd round draft picks!

      Call them…555-LBJ-TROLL

    • LeParisHilton James says:

      Only brainless sheeps needs kings over their heads. You “lbj” clearly need someone to tell you what to think, feel or do. Your king needs you. Help him. Only you can do it. Only you.

  2. Hmm says:

    Sorry @LBJ. But Lebron james is not my King. I praise Jesus as he is the kings of kings. It clearly show how Lebron James polluted your mind.

    • PROLLY says:

      umm pretty sure lebron james is the best in the nba so you guys can shut up.

    • Mike D says:

      What is Jesus like? Is he cool?

    • bob says:

      worship jesus not lebron

    • Reeaaallly now says:

      really……………..really…………….. really now.
      what kind of connection is that……. leave religion out of the sport.

    • I'm Right says:


    • LeggoHeat says:

      Why so serious? It’s just a nickname, he’s not trying to rule over us. I don’t see how he pollutes peoples minds.

    • YOU'RE STUPID ! says:

      SHUT UP

    • too easy says:

      well at least lebron is real

      • Courtney says:

        Umm… Jesus was real. Just as real as any historic figure. You may not believe He is the King of kings but to say you don’t think He was real is just plain ignorance on your part… Now back to basketball…

      • basketball says:

        lets talk b ball people this has nothing to do with religion.and too easy you are an idiot for commenting on here just shut up and dont insult peoples religin

    • Aw c'mon says:

      Mark 12:17 says and i quote, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God’s what is Gods.”

      Honestly thought we were replying in a hoops forum…

    • Nets says:

      Hmm shut up if you think Jesus is the king of king. I am Jewish so can I think David is the king of king. We talk about Basketball not religion man

    • Joe says:

      He is the king of basketball is what lbj was getting at…..not sure how Lebron has polluted his mind but yours seems to be polluted against him.

    • umm says:

      think you found yourself at the wrong website friend

    • random says:

      C’mon man, don’t you know anything? Jesus could walk on water. What does this mean? His hangtime is limitless! Imagine the 360 between the legs double clutch fadeaway tomahawk dunks he could do if he played in the NBA

    • Jesus says:

      You are correct about Jesus. However, Lebron is only the King of basketball and amazing not King of any person or place.

  3. migs357 says:

    Labron is not a king, if you believe that you are stupid. he only has 2 rings, nothing fancy in anyones eyes, once he gets 5 or 6 then he can talk about royalty, untill then miami can keep paying people under the table to take contract pay cuts to try and win 8 rings

  4. obamabot249 says:

    LeBron is a loser, obamacare is a failure, people who watch basketball are losers

  5. Apollon says:

    @Hmm how are you any different from fanboy/suckup lbj? He calls a king a dude, who is not even in the conversation with all time NBA greats at this point, and you call Jesus “the kings of kings”…That makes you nothing more than a hypocrite, and a religious nut.

  6. Kim Kaye says:

    Get over yourself…his moniker is “King James” sorry but bringing God into every debate doesn’t make you right/relevant it was a commercial nothing more nothing less. The best thing about TV/internet is when something/somebody is on that you don’t like you can go to a different channel or website…

  7. Ali Salem says:

    It’s part of the game to do TV commercials, Lebron is the best player in The world, and companies such as Mc Donald won’t hesitate to pay the King for his services.
    Go Lebron !! for your third title and fly to New York to join Mello this summer !! Zen Master will be calling your number soon…

  8. jdub455 says:

    uh oh, another one for the lebron bashers… lol… great ad, but definitely something that the bulls and durant wud be envious of…

  9. LeBron is a joke says:

    After his dirty play on Jeremy Lin few days ago, I think LeBron is more than a joke.
    He has a biggest swollen head than anybody else.
    Jordon and Kobe are much better than him.
    Did they use KING as a title?
    NO! They do not need to.
    They have something proud inside, not like LeBron, such a SWOLLEN HEAD!

  10. John says:

    @ hmmm Religion has become such a cloak for ignorance lol its like you are unaware that everyone doesnt believe what they do nor do they have to. i recall their being a royal family in england. what power do they have? you are aware this is a media given nick name right? get over yourselves. and for all of you who were dumb enough to try to defend your point by saying mj or kobe didn’t call themselves king please stop it lebron could call himself jesus zeus christ for the rest of his career and he wouldn’t much half of the arrogance displayed by mj and kobe in 2 quarters. Part of what made those two great were their very high opinions of themselves so stop the nonsense lebron isnt your king and thats fine but jesus isnt mine and its sad how the BUSINESS ORIENTED churches have polluted yours keep your ignorance to yourself this nba.com talk basketball

  11. wait says:

    The reason why i said that it is because it is clear to see how a so called “King” could get a lot of praises from you guys. He’s just a man. And to the person who commented on my comment if Jesus is real. a big YES! If my mind is polluted by Lebron then i’ll be a satanist already.

  12. GreenBirdCro says:

    Btw, link is dead bro
    Never mind
    Just love this old one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmrTDZy3f2M
    Bird’s the greatest!
    Go Celtics! (of course No 18 is not coming this year, but soon…)

  13. vincent says:

    wow wth im getting “video removed by user” message instead of a happy meal.