The house of Mutombo is still the house of Mutombo

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night’s Clippers/Nuggets game was notable in that not only did Denver snap L.A.’s 11-game win streak, but it was also a throwback night in Denver. Both teams played in cool retro uniforms, as the Nuggets recognized the 20th anniversary of their 1994 team that upset the Seattle SuperSonics.

With several former Nuggets on hand, including Reggie Williams and LaPhonso Ellis, it only made sense for Denver mascot Rocky the Mountain Lion to bring out Dikembe Mutombo to help with a dunk attempt. What happened next was pure Mutombo

VIDEO: Mutombo/Rocky


  1. lbj says:

    Mutombo just lucky that he never live at the king “LeBron” generation. LeBron will give him a lot of finger swag after each tomahawk dunk!!!

    • kmalcon says:

      if i want to win a championship again, i must say hello to New York..

    • NAHH says:

      every generation must have a star, u can’t compare everyone with lbj ==

    • smdh says:

      yea because lebron is such a strong IN GAME dunker than jordan nique carter shaq right? and lebron is also crapping on elite centers like tyson chandler hibbert and dwight on nightly basis. plz get off w/e u r riding

    • petro says:

      these kids. you think mutombo is chop liver?

    • Louis says:

      Are u serious? If LBJ played back in the 90’s it wouldn’t be the same. Back then Centers and Power Forwards owned the key. Now days anyone that comes into the keys get a open look or a foul.

    • stf says:

      Do you even go to school?

    • Geamusic says:

      Well you must be young. Understand that each and everything great player helps the next generation so of course Lebron would have couple of dunks on him but without shot blocker there is no ‘in your face’ or ‘not in my house’ and trust me Lebron is smart enough to not go against real shoot blocker sure he acted all big when he dunked on Terry the jet which by the way was a 3 on 1 fast break but i often see him choosing a lay-up against someone like D-Jordan or Ibaka.
      check out LeBron (the best in the league no doubt) not really facing people to afraid to be block or smart enough to goes around a choosing a lay up.

      Real talk

    • caveat13 says:

      It is Lebron who’s lucky he didn’t get to play Mutombo in his prime. Cause you only certainly know only LBJ in your NBA player list, you probably don’t know how good of a rim protector Mutombo is.

    • andrewzhenli says:

      thats too bad…but I am sure that Mutombo would always return the finger swag to Lebron…u know, lebron was blocked by Nate Robinson….

    • Really? says:

      Haters are one thing, but fanboys who praise lbj when THE POST HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM are just as bad

    • imthebest says:

      Are you serious?

  2. Anderson says:

    It was the MJ era during Mutombo’s time. enough said.

  3. lbj says:

    Mutombo got swag. Glad I missed his generation or I would have probably been blocked x1000 times.

  4. Bodjee says:


  5. Greatfear23 says:

    get a life lbj

  6. FourLeaf says:

    Ever wonder if LBJ is actually just mocking lebron and the super friends…and he just keeps doing it because no one realizes it? I mean no one could possibly love lebron that much. Except maybe the guy with the giant lebron tat on his back.

  7. wait says:

    @smdh you sayin that lebron is such a strong dunker? Hold man. Dominic dunks with such a force. Carter dunked with power and style wherein he can accept contact and still able to finish the dunk. Also, most of the poster dunks that carter and nique did was against opponents trying to block their shot. What can lebron do? raise his hands, and dunk it. that’s it. Name 10 player that really tried to block his shot and yet he still dunked the ball. Then i’ll name players that Carter dunked on trying to block his attempt.