Cleveland Cavaliers welcome LaBron James

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers hosted the Miami Heat, which meant the return of LeBron James to Cleveland, the city and franchise where he began his career. And while LeBron’s departure may have been a bit acrimonious, feelings seem to have cooled a bit since then.

Or maybe not? During last night’s game, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer‘s Cavs beat writers noticed LeBron’s name spelled incorrectly on the scoreboard…

Then again, they also noticed one of Cleveland’s players referenced incorrectly…


  1. lbj says:

    Our “king” LeBron is magnificent in any court he stepped up even the fans of Cleveland cheering for him when his 20 inch python run wilds in Ohio!!!! Cleveland fans still loves our “king”

  2. Joe says:

    That is from a closed captioned system the cavs use. No one spelled it wrong. I was the system incorrectly converting the names.

  3. Go Heat says:

    The Cavaliers and their fans are a bunch of whiners.

  4. jave says:

    Cleveland is a joke. We should nuke that place. New Jersey you’re next.