LeBron gets his own flavor of Sprite

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Drinking soft drinks won’t get you an NBA title. Still, as the NBA’s reigning champ and MVP, LeBron James has always had plenty of opportunities to endorse products. Heck, he even gets to hang out in an exclusive McDonald’s. And now he has his own flavor of Sprite.

Sprite has been teasing the news for a few days…

And today they formally announced the limited edition Sprite 6 Mix, which takes Sprite’s usual lemon-lime flavors and adds orange and cherry. According to Sprite, “It was co-developed with LeBron and is inspired by his favorite way to mix Sprite. Sprite 6Mix features the lemon-lime Sprite taste you already know with a twist of cherry and orange flavors. Check it out in 19.2 oz cans and 20 oz bottles.”

Here’s a look at the limited edition can…



  1. lol says:

    Lebron james, the greatest and best of all time. We are, here, witnessing a true legendary player… everyone sit down and enjoy his Sprite!

    • Anon says:

      I can’t tell your tone through email but I detect a derision. Lebron is doing what everybody does, in this case marketing a beverage. Are you upset when the Dos Equis guy does it? How about Puffy and Cirroq, Snoop and Tanquray, Michael Jackson and Pepsi. Do you only want drinks marketed to you by non famous people? Because Michael Jordan never marketed a beverage, or Babe Ruth or Joe Montana. It has always been done.

      • Lucky7 says:

        Jordan didn’t market a beverage? What is Gatorade? He was in more Gatorade ads and ‘Like Mike’ commercials than I can remember. Don’t get so upset about what a guy named ‘lol’ writes. I’m guessing he’s joking… haha

      • Anon1 says:

        Dude, stop being so butt hurt rofl. what if he meant it as a compliment?

    • lbj says:

      making a soda will not give you any rings

    • LeParisHilton James says:

      Now I know why he is biting his nails all the time. The taste will be truly his own.

    • Stiz says:


  2. dd def says:

    hopefully it’s not actually lebron flavored.

  3. TooShortTooOld says:

    Right now Grant Hill is rolling over in his grave!

    Oh, wait… I am now receiving a report that Grant Hill is still alive and well.

    Carry on!

  4. lebguy says:

    side effects might include receding hairlines and seldom flopping.

    • Jake says:

      I don’t think you know what ‘seldom’ means… I don’t think that’s the word you were going for.

      • Jeffx21 says:

        Right idea LMAO….poor word choice……”frequent” was the word you were looking for.


    What? This can should be named “LeBron gets his own CHOICE flavor of Sprite”.
    It’s ironic if Sprite has “Lebron’s Sweat Flavor”? :O

  6. Agudo says:

    Sign of the times: Hate makes the world go round…

  7. 6 rings says:

    I didn’t know Sprite endorsed floppers now?

  8. meow says:

    it has real LeBron sweat in it, it makes you good at basketball

  9. Slick says:

    Actually MJ did market Gatorade. He may not have had his own flavor but he marketed many edible products.

  10. beavecoons says:

    Sprite gave them out at allstar weekend and it was so delicious

  11. kwm88 says:

    Michael Jordan got some Gatorade commercials… Is Gatorade not a beverage?!

  12. johnny says:

    love lebron but just had to crack this pun “will i lose my hairline seen its lebron flavoured?”

  13. lbj says:

    You won’t get a ring drinking Sprite! You need to go to the Heat and play with…oh wait…man I’m stupid.

  14. Jason says:

    Cherry and orange flavors added? Red and orange fruits? Miami HEAT colors. Coincidence?

  15. squala96 says:

    Are they gonna sell this in Cleveland?

  16. Jay says:

    “Natural flavored” lol. – Means it’s not natural.

  17. corey says:

    lebron keep striving we will witness

  18. corey says:

    lebron is not a devil worshiper

  19. JCVSPHL says:

    Sprite? I bet he got mixed up with Red Bull cuz it gives you rings..

  20. the beard says:

    Guys do a advertisement with James harden beard flavored with strawberry

  21. Jake says:

    Made from real LeBron tears… *Heat fan here, before any BronBron lovers jump in. Take a damn joke*

  22. dirk says:

    lol wut

  23. LebronsSpriteSucks says:

    This stuff sucks

  24. Renee Heath says:

    I will be supporting you King James. About to tell my son JJ right now, Let’s Stock Up.

  25. Breezy-1 says:

    Why do people take the time out of their day to hate. Are you upset that he’s a millionaire and you’re not?

  26. emoney says:

    this LBJ new flavor sprite might be good or bad but the main thing is thing to focus on is this guy,he has to be great if he gets his own beverage from sprite wow. congrats he is the best player alive period stop hatin u wannabees and he will win five or more rings when its all said in done!!!!

  27. OMGEE# says:

    Mannn, his sprite should be on Shaqtin’ A Fool. Seriously!!! Just cuz he likes it…

  28. jake s. says:

    Lebron failed to mention the Hennessy.

  29. Yes Please says:

    Damn, I miss the days of vanilla coke and cherry pepsi. That stuff was amazing and even sold in vending machines at schools at the time. I was addicted to that stuff, ill try this but nothing can beat vanilla coke.

  30. Jesus says:

    In the beginning my father God created the heavens and the earth. Then he created the game of basketball and the greatest player of all eternity- Lebron James. Worship the King.

  31. vincent says:

    so he mixes orange and cherry flavors on his own before this was ever developed?

  32. Scmoney says:

    Im gonna try it , it sounds good

  33. sosa bahs says:

    lets go brooklyn