Pressey’s precision poses problems

Celtics rookie Phil Pressey is the son of a man — Paul Pressey — credited with being the original point forward. Phil might not have gotten his old man’s height (he’s 5-foot-11; Pops is 6-foot-5), but the court vision transferred just fine. 

Ignore his 2.4 ppg and 2.7 apg, his 29 percent shooting, his 64 percent from the charity stripe. Though nobody is calling for Pressey to replace the stalwart Rajon Rondo, true hoop heads have noticed his highlight helpers, how he can dish with either hand in transition, off the pick-and-roll. No look accuracy is nothing foreign to him. Bounce passes, behind the backs, it’s all there. Point blank, the rook can carve ’em up.

Playing behind one of the game’s best passers in Rondo should only nurture that gift. But so far, he has done enough work to garner the attention of the Top Plays Theatre:

VIDEO: Phil Pressey impresses with several top-notch assists

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  1. dustydreamnz says:

    I’ve never rated him but the coach seems to.