Kobe’s scouting report on President Obama

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

Los Angeles Lakers Championship Education & Service Project

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Los Angeles Lakers have had a nightmare of a season, with injuries eliminating most of their core and forcing the team to plan ahead to next season. Which might explain why in their just released team photo, Kobe doesn’t look like the happiest fellow, although Kobe meeting with the Wish kids seems to brighten his day.

But yesterday while on The Dan Patrick Show, Kobe was asked about playing pick-up ball with President Barack Obama. To whom would Kobe compare the President? How about Tiny Archibald?

To hear Kobe on this and more, check out the entire interview below…

VIDEO: Kobe On Dan Patrick Show


  1. - says:

    Yet another pointless article giving Kobe Bryant publicity. What’s next? HEADLINE NEWS: KOBE BRYANT GOES TO THE BATHROOM!!

    • blabla says:

      That is what they do for all superstars, get over it. And he still is not getting even half the attention the GREATEST SPORTS PLAYER EVER TO WALK ON EARTH, BEST ACTOR AND LEGENDARY WARRIOR, TEACHER, ASTRONAUT AND WHATNOT gets, the favourite of this site, Lebron THE KING THE BEST THE LEGEND James.

    • Neil says:

      Oh stop! There is nothing uninteresting about this article. And the title got you to click on it so..

    • ndidi says:

      always haters…calm down

    • doCJ says:

      lbj might want him to join the king straight trade for future HOF n cole

    • asdf says:

      Do you even know what the purpose of All Ball Blog is? Yeah, you don’t…

  2. justiin says:

    wow obama is a tall guy…
    just noticed

  3. charles moore says:

    I beg to differ…Lame James is not the greatest player nor is Kobe Bryant…When you speak of the greatest of all times, that EVER WALKED & played the game is MICHEAL JORDAN…!!!! NO QUESTION HANDS DOWN..!!!

    • larry nykl says:

      Comparel micheals accomplishments to bill Russel then say that again. -_-

      • LakersFan says:

        Bill Russel is most decorated for championships. That’s it. You can’t talk about his rebounding because Wilt was better at that. MJ got defensive player of the year, MVP, a ring, and finals MVP. No one is ever going to do that again. LBJ needs post game! If he doesn’t developed it he will not play long. All great players fall to the post in their later years

    • kobe bryant says:

      I think he was being sarcastic

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      Jordan is the most famous basketball player to ever play the game.
      When you talk about the best, there are so many players that were at some point in time just as awesome and dominant as Jordan.
      Jordan came at a time when media coverage was at it’s peak. Communication had evolved around the world. Marketing brands like Nike were exponentially blooming. There was soooo much more money pouring in from the media. The timing was PERFECT to be a great NBA player in terms of getting that much coverage and endorsements. And what really helped Jordan absorb the spotlight compared to other great players playing during his era is that he was the flashiest player.

      But was he the greatest player? I will let you answer that question with the following question:

      If Michael Jordan was playing in the 1970s, and Julius Erving was playing in the 1990s, would MJ still have been considered the GOAT?

  4. Kevin says:

    When you can’t even spell Jordan’s name correctly, you sort of ruin the point.

  5. rabags says:

    So many Kobe haters…lol! President Obama & Kobe are best friends, nothing you can do about that. Kobe’s the NBA’s 4th all time leading scorer with 5 championship rings at hand…where does that leave on your LBJ? No loyalty to the Cavaliers & needs to join two other superstars to get a ring…grow up mannnnn!

    • LakersFan says:

      I agree LBJ sold out his hometown to get a ring. Real ballers win with what they are given. Would Jordan be Jordan if he’d teamed up with Clyde and Wilkins? The answer is no.

  6. Jason larsen says:

    Kobe had shaq and phil, Jordan had pippen and phil, lebron has wade and bosh…who did lebron have in Cleveland? That’s right no good players and a crappy coach(how many times has he been fired)…even great players need good players around them and good staff to win multiple championships