Michael Carter-Williams and Sixers continue losing streak

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Sixers almost ended it last night. Coming in to their game with Chicago, the Sixers had lost 21 games in a row, a franchise record. Down three with about four minutes left, the Sixers had a shot at the win, but the Bulls managed to wake up and close them out, extending their losing streak to 22 games. The Sixers are now just 4 losses from tying the all-time NBA record of 26 consecutive losses.

And while the Sixers coaches and players have talked about keeping a level head and not getting frustrated, this GIF of a Michael Carter-Williams play from last night’s game from SBNation seems to pretty much encapsulate the way they’re feeling right now…



  1. lbj says:

    If Michael Carter Williams wants to stop his loosing streak he needs to play with the “king” LeBron feel the 27th winning streak!!!

    • Jeffx21 says:

      Give it a rest……..neither Miami or LBJ were mentrioned in the article.Stop spamming on every articele. Get a life!!

  2. Sixersfan4life says:

    I love the SIxers, been a fan all my life since I’m from Philly, we will get it together. We are a young team and a good GM and President. A bunch of bums on the squad but a good coach and some promising players. COME ON SIXERS!!!

  3. ryan says:

    We cant lose this kid mentally..stay strong mcw Wiggins and nerlens are on their way

  4. #BullsFanDan says:

    mcw meet Taj Gibson.

    • Jeffx21 says:

      Noah, Jimmy and Taj should get spots on the all defensive teams (but not Boozer lol). I like the Bulls but Boozer has to be amnestied at the end of the year.

  5. Shaq says:

    Shaqtin’ a fool!

  6. Emily says:

    MCW is the best rookie, they’ll be fine next year.

  7. Dirk says:

    i do that at the y

  8. They are obviously tanking.

  9. dustydreamnz says:

    They’re actually playing ok the last few games, nearly beat the Pacers and Bulls but this streak is horrendous.

  10. Jintan says:

    Poor Kid. Must suck to lose all the time :/

    For a guy of his age with his drive it must be very frustrating.

  11. MCW ROY says:

    We are rebuilding. We will get better in a few years. We got lots of draft picks and its suppost to be a deep draft too. Hopefully we can end this streak with a victory vs. the Knicks!

  12. OKC says:

    Start drooling over Embiid, Jabari, or Wiggins now.