Gerald Green gets NBA Jam-ified

By Jeff Case

When most of us think of NBA Jam of the 1990s on the old Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo, we think of the high-flying dunks, the trademark catch-phrases (“Boom shalakalaka! He’s heating up! He’s on fire!). For me, that game was all about getting on fire and seeing how far away from the hoop you could get before you’d go up for a monster jam.

Anyway, we mention all of that to say sometime art imitates life in the NBA. A couple of nights ago, Gerald Green of the Phoenix Suns went into NBA Jam mode. He burned the Oklahoma City Thunder for a career-best 41 points and eight 3-pointers en route to Phoenix’s upset win. The fine folks over at decided to give his night a little bit of the NBA Jam treatment:

VIDEO: Gerald Green on fire ala ‘NBA Jam’ style


  1. Bucks4Life says:

    Made my day

  2. lakerphan25 says:

    im waiting for lbj to say “dunking wont give you a ring, we will trade future hall of famer norris cole for gerald green”

  3. lbj says:

    They should feature our “king” LeBron in this NBA Jam LeBron will get 10 all of his skills!

    • LeParisHilton James says:

      Yeah. You right. Perfect 10 in nail bitting, floping, making stupid gorilla face after every basket, Your Queen James is the greatest fake of all time . Gerald Green is much much better dunker than your Queen James and this article is about him.

      • HarryPBUK says:

        Thankyou! At last, someone agrees with me. Here’s the thing, people seem to get so offended when someone questions LeBron!
        LeBron can jump very high granted but at the end of the day, I don’t think he would do well in the dunk competition because he is NOT creative. The vast majority of his dunks, and nobody can deny this, are one handed tomahawks which are nice and powerful but after a while get a bit boring. Gerald Green on the other hand can absolutely fly. He is also very creative and has actually won a dunk contest before.
        No one is saying Gerald is the better overall player… but he is a better dunker in my opinion.
        Anyone else agree?

      • ChuzzyChu says:

        I like LBJ’s game and i’m a Heat Fan (since Zo and Timmy held the fort); however without question Gerald Green is a better more creative dunker than LBJ. And KD is a much more lethal scorer than LBJ, however as an all round player i give the nod to LBJ.

        Also, even as a big LBJ fan, i must concede that this year’s MVP has to be KD – without question..!!

        P.S: Gerald Green would be an Allstar next season with a caveat that he doesn’t get injured.

      • The Voice Of Reason says:

        Hahaha! Yes Lebron does get up – but check out practice footage of Gerald Green when he was with the Pacers – he looks down into the hoop! Now that is serious hops.
        No way is he a good a defender, rebounder, post player etc as Lebron but seriously, he is WAY more creative when it comes to arial artistry.
        And he has come a LONG way this season – give him his props 🙂

  4. hibbs says:

    Holy Smokes, that’s cool.

  5. JDL says:

    That was awesome =)

  6. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Love this!!! I remember going home from middle school and went straight to my buddy’s home(SNES) to play this! My favorite team was either suns(barkley, KJ) or Pacers( Miller, Mckey)

  7. cp3 says:


  8. lbj says:

    Getting jam-ified will not get you any rings. You need to… I can’t come up with anything.

  9. Bodjee says:

    Is he not the most improve player for this season?

  10. greg says:

    some people love dumb stuff down! it was just a fun article but you gotta mention rings and Lebronjames ….. lol. Mentioning rings in every article that doesnt include James doesnt make you relevant!

  11. Judge Fudge says:

    I was so disappointed on how damn short it was!!!! Pretty good stuff.

  12. Mike Cahones says:

    Excellent video,felt like watching the videogame forreal. should do this for all the nba players!

  13. PleaseLights says:

    Gerald Green is in the similar talent athleticism wise with the LBJs,Tmac,Vcarter,Kobe, hell, he’s the only player that can actually do an explosive dunk, today in the NBA you see this dunkers gliding and dunking it, Gerald Green reaches the moon with zero gravity then smashes back down!!! I swear, the only thing about him is inconsistency, but despite that, HE IS THE TRUTH ALSO! Underrated yes. But If this was 2007, I’d make him my star player, only if the teams emphasized him more back then. This dude a real talent, He’s never been injured too and doing it. Paul George weak and slow “smoothed” fragile moves doesn’t impress me at ALL! Blake Griffin can’t bounce like Gerald Green. The only thing closer Athletic wise is probably be Westbrook and Rose. But heck they’re both prone to injuries. . . NBA talent like those is gradually fading. We need to have these players again. Bring back the Real NBA talent!!! not these Paul Georges and Damian Lillards, they’re sure are smooth and skilled, but they are moving like they want to be cute or something. PLAY BALL!

  14. Kawu says:

    Hahaha soo kewl… 🙂 could be longer though!

  15. KGNYC says:

    Woww this was so cute. Brought back lots of memories as a young boy growing up. Each team should do,a video like this once a week. Nicely done.

  16. lbj says:

    I don’t like the king “LeBron” anymore…

  17. Possible All-Star next year?