Warriors’ Curry goes to the circus

By Nick Margiasso IV

It was a little too close for comfort in Oakland, Calif., Thursday night as the Warriors edged the lowly Bucks 115-110. As per usual, though, Stephen Curry did near-superhuman things to lift Golden State to a win. He scored 31 points. He dished 11 dimes. He grabbed three boards and a steal.

And he did this …

VIDEO: Warriors’ Curry flips in circus shot

… try that in your pickup game this weekend, bruh.


  1. lbj says:

    Watching Stephen Curry flipping up shots won’t get you any rings. You need to get off your computer learn to become an nba player get back to highschool then collage and then if your lucky get drafted to the NBA… …by the Heat and then play with king “Lebron James”…
    …and then you can retire and then continue watching Stephen Curry flipping up shots.

  2. lbj says:

    Doing circus shot in a game will not gives Curry a ring. He needs to play with the “king” LeBron. We will trade future hall of famer poing guard Norris Cole plus future first round picks!

    PG: Curry
    SG: Allen
    SF: Wade
    PF: James
    C: Bosh

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Oden,Beasley,Douglas,Mason Jr,Lewis and Birdman Birdman

    3 peat for the Heat!!!

    • ED says:

      that is honestly the dumbest comment i have seen in awhile. yeah he isn’t going to get a ring but curry to the heat…. yeah not anytime soon buddy