Baron Davis: The Conclusion

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week, we saw Baron Davis get some advice from Spike Lee and Reggie Miller on his comeback.

In the latest edition of the ongoing saga on his comeback attempt to the NBA, take a look back at Baron’s journey and watch as the TNT crew pays tribute to Mr. Davis …

VIDEO: Baron’s comeback comes to a conclusion



  1. zac says:

    why cant charlotte sign him 😦 #BRINGBACKBARON

    • theromeo2k says:

      If the Bobccats were to sign this guy they are better off by signing Michael Jordan.

    • lbj says:

      I already told you Baron several months ago if you want to play again and win a ring you need to play with the “king” LeBron” instead of talking to Doc Rivers and Scott Brooks you need to talk to Eric Spo like what Greg Oden did. Right now Greg is very happy bec instead of him playing he will also get his first ring!!!

  2. NewYorker says:

    So sad. I’m sure there are teams that could use him coming of the bench. I loled at the series tho 😀

  3. kamenov says:

    still cant get it – is he really comin back ?

  4. likemike says:

    Lol nash.

  5. bdiddy4mvp says:

    daaamn they did him dirty on TNT!

  6. Najeero says:

    Scottie Poopin! Lol! But seriously, a 30 + yr. old big man has a better chance of gettin back in the league than a guard. Thats just the way things work. The league is a young man’s game.

  7. GoGSW says:

    Baron Davis should join the Warriors as backup point guard for Stephen Curry.If he lands in the Bobcats,Warriors could trade Steve Blake for Baron Davis.

  8. HOU-LAL Fan says:

    I would take AI in a comeback over Baron Davis. Who is Baron Davis? He rose, and faded away. Not a top tier guard.

  9. vinsanefan says:

    Shaq is like a 7’2″ ten year old!! He makes me laugh every time he talks.