Nick Young gets swaggy too soon

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — While former coach Phil Jackson has recently moved East to take a gig running the Knicks and Kobe works on his business chops, the Lakers have managed to still play hard, such as last night when they delivered a decisive 127-96 win over the Knicks. Even as their fortunes have flagged, guard Nick Young has been relentlessly upbeat, what with his irrepressible swag. Being swaggy is fun and all, but as we saw last night, you have to make sure you know when to let your swag show…for instance, maybe wait until the ball is all the way in the basket…

VIDEO: Swaggy Three


  1. Bermir says:

    Shaqtin´ a fool…

    • lbj says:

      almost making the buzzer beater 3 point shot won’t gives Nick Young a ring he needs to shoot 3 point shot with our “king” LeBron!!!

      • Scmoney says:

        Commenting on every nba video wont get you a ring, you need to comment on how lebron wont get a ring, to get a ring

      • lbj SUCKS says:

        well i hope lebron leaves miami just for this guy over here, i hope that he never wins a ring, and i hope that you lock yourself in a closet and never come out because your comments are really annoying

      • lbj supporter says:

        LeBron already has 2 rings you fool.

      • FkLeblowjobjames says:

        yup lebron is gonna leave heat and play in Bulls instead watch lol

  2. jwt7000 says:

    This premature celebration of the buzzer beater had better be on the next episode of Shaqtin A Fool.

  3. carrera72 says:

    its only one agent zero homes

  4. blabla says:

    This guy is the only positive thing in the lakers

  5. dustydreamnz says:

    Should win Shaqtin a Fool.

  6. Lakersfan says:

    Nick Young has definitely been a big breath of fresh air for the Lakers. Now if he would work on his D….

  7. Nba rocks says:

    Shaqtin A fool!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tash says:

    … Grammar police…

    “guard Nick Young has been relentless upbeat”

    I very rarely “troll” but if you’re being paid to write, the least you can do is do it right…

    Should read; guard, Nick Young, has been relentlessly upbeat or, at the very least; guard, Nick Young, has been a relentless upbeat.

    Onto Nick Young; I like his game!

  9. Go Heat says:

    Shaqtin’ a Fool!

  10. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    would have been funnier if Hardaway made that three 😀

  11. GoGSW says:

    Man,that was going in,but unfortunately,it didn’t.

  12. GoGSW says:

    I agree(Go Heat),that will be on Shaqs list.

  13. GP20 says:

    wasnt that bad, he did watch it go half way down in the net, just bad luck.. I cant hate on this man too much he plays with energy and style, its still a game and I watch to be entertained

  14. Lol says:

    Shaq Is Watching

  15. joi bo says:

    That’s why he got traded from washington wizard. He need to grow up and stop reacting over every shot. Great players don’t do that…. Let your game speak for you and not otherwise!!

  16. Trey says:

    Swaggy P is My Favorite Player 🙂