Great debate: Rasheed vs. Mahorn

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERRasheed Wallace is on my short list of favorite NBA people of all time. I loved his game, sure, but I particularly loved his personality and spirit. And while he mostly eschewed interviews and the media while he was playing, many fans missed out on learning that Sheed was one of the more intelligent players of his generation — there’s a reason the Pistons hired him as an assistant coach as soon as he retired.

In this video from, we see Sheed and another former Piston, Rick Mahorn, argue over which Pistons team was better — the ’89 Bad Boys with Mahorn (a team the Pistons are honoring tonight), or the 2004 title team with Sheed. This is great…

VIDEO: Pistons debate


  1. sooby says:

    Both were great teams for sure and both had that edge and toughness, but to me it is the Bad Boys no question.

    Isiah is the greatest point guard after Magic to play the game, quite possibly the best “little guy” we’ve seen in the NBA. Joe Dumars was great too. They also had Dennis Rodman, the greatest modern era rebounder. There are so many similarities between these two teams but the Bad Boys would win for sure.

  2. allen says:

    that is a tough one. what a great series that would be! have to give the ’04 squad the edge on back court and the bad boys the edge on front court and bench.

    • supes says:

      thomas was better than billups or any point guard after magic and oscar.
      dumars was the best in the league other than jordan and richmond
      worm vs prince.
      edwards and laimbeer vs ben
      only matchup i’d give the 04 team is pf.

  3. rip says:

    Well Isiah and Joe D are a slightly better backcourt than Billups and Hamilton, but that’s all. Prince, and the two Wallaces would have the edge against the 89-90 team. Though Rodman versus Big Ben and Sheed would be hilarious. The intesity between those 3.. man…And if we play with today’s rules, all of the Bad Boys like Laimbeer, Mahorn, Salley, Rodman would foul out in the first half.

  4. ism says:

    04 guys won 1 and came rather close one more time. 89 guys won 2 and came very close 2 times. they almost won 4 titles when jordan, hakeem, bird, magic, kareem were around. who were the pistons adversaries? a star-studded but chemistry-lacking L.A. squad, jason kidds nets, the everlasting spurs… you judge…

    • Anthony says:

      04 team went to six straight conf finals…thats not being “close” only twice. And 05 they took Miami on the road in game 7, against a very good Heat-squad with shaq n Wade. But I would go 89-90’s. But it would’ve been nice to see Wallace’s go hard against mahorn n laimbeer, 89-90’s rules…

  5. Viv O'Neal says:

    C’mon Sheed, I know you just mouthing off. There is a reason that team was called ‘BAD BOYS’, those were some bad A## dudes. 12 deep Sheed … put the Bad Boys against the 04 Pistons in 4 games, blow out son, nothing less than 15 points spread

    Bad-Boys Fa Life..

  6. CM Diaz says:

    Both teams are champions and will be remembered as NBA greats however, there is NO question the 89 bad boys would’ve whooped the 04 team no doubt … and not I’m not talking about a landslide victory I’m talking about a well played well matched team that would come down to the benches and the 89 bench would be too much for the 04 Pistons.

  7. Rickson says:

    i will go for 04 Pistons no though

  8. Romeo says:

    Its not an easy one but i would say the 04 Pistons. They kept the Lakers to their LOWEST scoring game in playoff history…Shaq and Kobe. They not only did that, but also didn’t abuse the rules the NBA had back in the day. You could beat somebody up back in the day and get away with it. Now, if you want to go by “Bad Boys” reputation and intimidation, i don’t think Sheed, Billups or Wallace would be intimidated at all…they were the modern “Bad Boys” of this era. If you see what happened at the Palace in the biggest brawl of NBA history, you’d know that. Billups would overpower Thomas, post him all day long. If you want to go by this, Thomas going around him…Big Ben would patrol the paint better than anyone, doubt he would get any easy layups. Hard one, but 04 Pistons on this one.

  9. tfdp22 says:

    Both teams were awesome, but I would have to pick the 2004 squad in the end because they went to 6 STRAIGHT EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS, and nearly won a back to back like the bad boys, but rasheed accidentally left robert horry open…

  10. Charles says:

    Old school flavor

  11. marek barrion says:

    dear Mr, Whitaker,

    First of all: Rasheed Wallace was one of most rude players….

    He can be….your favorite player


    …stating , that he was ” one of the more intelligent players of his generation” is totally wrong

    One of the most intelligent players of the same generation- for example- was Arvydas Sabonis…teammate of Wallace…

    Wallace was so selfish and rude …throwing at Sabonis on one occasion – during a game- a towel !

    Any …inteeligent player would not do this to a teammate….

    Wallace did..


    Wallace was far less intelligent than Sabonis…

    Sabonis at his prime accomplished what Wallace can only dream of…

    Wallace constantly was one of ” the best” in technical fouls…- is it ….indication of how intelligent player he was?????

    marek barrion

  12. Marko Milanovski says:

    If they play under the 89 rules NOONE IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME can beat the 89 Pistons…the reason they stopped the championship run is because the NBA included the new SOFT nba rules