Heat’s King James puts on very own dunk contest versus Bucks

By Nick Margiasso IV

This season, the Milwaukee Bucks on TV isn’t prime-time viewing unless you are hosting a Draft Lottery party. But when they play the Miami Heat, the chances of some worthwhile viewing get markedly better. Furthermore, when LeBron James decides to make it his own personal slam dunk contest, well, you can just toss the remote out the window and enjoy.


VIDEO: LeBron throws it down on the break



VIDEO: James gets fancy on the reverse slam



VIDEO: LeBron makes a poster out of Udoh


  1. Cuban Ernesto says:

    The King,The animal,the beast, El mejor,La bestia…

    • lbj says:

      No chance they can beat our “king” in a dunk contest that’s why LeBron doesn’t even waste his time joining the contest because he knows it will not be a competitive for him!

      • wade says:

        Plzz….none of these dunks can even make it to the semi final. The only fancy dunk he did was the reverse slam which already been done a million times and nothing difficult about that. PG’s 360 in game tops that. The rest of the dunks are just hard slam, that dont win no dunk contest. Shaq can break the backboard on your axx which his powerful slam.

      • El Presidente says:

        lebron doesn’t join the dunk contest cause he know he will lose. but still lebron is a heck of a player

      • Witness says:

        Sorry wade but PG “360” most def WASNT a 360. a 180 and barely. He took off with his back to the basket before he ever jumped. That will NEVER be a 360. Gota take off while your FACING the basket. Could very easily see he spun first while his feet were still on the ground facing away from the basket then jumped. 180 tho wasnt bad

      • sean says:

        @Witness, incorrect. By the time PG started the dunking action, his body was facing at an angle a little more than forward. True, his dunk was probably no an exact 360 (probably a 315 or 330), nevertheless, it still qualifies as a 360 dunk in term of basketball.

      • HotSauce says:

        dont respond to this troll he says the same thing about lebron on every video

  2. Angelo says:

    He travelled on the second dunk.

    • Petros says:

      On the third one too! But he did it in the air ;-p

    • Nate says:


      • Witness says:

        No Angelo he didnt.

      • artifex says:

        I had the same impression.
        Though he runs past defense and then somehow slows the steps while pumping the ball.
        But it’s 3 steps after he got the ball in his hand.
        Though I’m fine with not getting on that detail in such situation.
        Refs usually don’t whistle that no matter which player.

      • Witness says:

        No actually Arifex if you pause the slow mo you can see his LEFT FOOT IS *DOWN* on the FLOOR with the ball not even up to his waist on the GATHER. Then AFTER that he took only 1 step with his right foot then 1 more step with his left foot. NO WAY there was an extra step. THE ball was still BOUNCING ON THE WAY UP and LBJ’s first left foot was ALREADY DOWN. Everyone go slo mo it then. The man most definitely did NOT TRAVEL by ANY definition.

    • AL says:

      One of a several thousand we got par years in NBA

    • Michael says:

      Also, notice on the third dunk how Labron pulls the defender’s arm down and away, which should have been called an offensive foul.

  3. Jesse A.S says:

    The man is a freak (in a good way). Amazing

  4. lbj says:

    6, 8, 10? Scores of judge Stevie Wonder? Besides he travelled on that second dunk… Guess Stevie missed it.
    Does everyone that makes three (two really) in-game dunks get an own atrticle from now on?
    Looking forward to see alot of articles about Durant, Griffin, Green, Jordan etc.

    • artifex says:

      Is it really you saying that – the ‘that-dunk-doesn’t-give-you-a-ring-but-dunking-on-our-own-LeBron-will-give-you-big-satisfaction’-lbj or are you a “duplicate lbj”?
      Thanks for the first objective comment I’ve seen in a long time.

  5. LeParisHilton James says:

    Wow, he really is a Beast. Last time they played Milwaukee he scored 13 but this time, this time was different, he crushed the worst team in the NBA with 17 points. Woooowwww.

  6. NBAfan says:

    The title of that second video should be “James gets fancy with a 4-step travel and everybody just ignores it”.

    • Witness says:

      No it shouludnt. Your just hatin. ANYONE can see he picked the ball up RIGHT before the foul line with a GATHER. on that GATHER bringing the ball up with both hands is not counted..and he had 2 steps after that. Sorry. Keep on hatin

  7. Slim says:

    Too bad he traveled on the reverse. He gets away with a lot of travels and the refs act like they never notice

    • Witness says:

      ANYONE can see he picked the ball up RIGHT before the foul line with a GATHER. on that GATHER bringing the ball up with both hands is not counted..and he had 2 steps after that. Sorry. Keep on hatin

      • Wil_mpje says:

        every NBA game has about 2300 travels in them, Lebron, KD, Kobe, whoever…is that a bad thing…maybe…is it nice for us to see someone doing a little more than “travel free lay-up”? well YEAH!! so chose whatever you wanna see, something spectacular or a lame lay-up…

      • artifex says:

        I agree Wil

  8. William Jones says:

    That’s my Boy!

  9. William Jones says:

    Do what you do, my brother.

  10. Nate says:

    Lebron travelled on second dunk why in nba don’t they call travel?

  11. Maciek says:

    What is so special about first dunk? He did travelled in the second impressive though dunk. The third is the best.

    • Hunter says:

      The NBA never calls travels xD……never have never will!

    • Witness says:

      ANYONE can see he picked the ball up RIGHT before the foul line with a GATHER. on that GATHER bringing the ball up with both hands is not counted..and he had 2 steps after that. Sorry. Keep on hatin

  12. lbj all day says:

    he actually didnt travel in nba you can take 3 steps and thats what he did but in little league a travel is three steps we can only take two and by little league i mean not in the nba

  13. lbj all day says:

    bset there ever is and best there ever will be

  14. Robert Mays says:

    Jordan is still the best in game dunker with Vince Carter a not too distant second.

    • Tony C says:

      Jordan is not a better dunker than Vince Carter. No one in the NBA has been better than Vince at dunking. In the Olympics, Vince Carter jumped over a 7 footer’s head and dunked the ball for a score. Never seen anything like it since. And remember the one he put on Alonso Mourning? That one was shocking too. Can’t get any better than Vince Carter.

    • Jolan says:

      Dominic?! Kemp?! both those guys beat out MJ for better in game dunks.

  15. bkii says:

    It is only a traveling violation if the ref calls it. He moves too fast to be caught..

  16. Tony Xiong says:

    Gerald Green – Lebron James – Paul George

  17. NBAisMylife says:

    MVP MVP MPV @kingjames #no1canstopusnow #heatnation #heatles
    from @willundin

  18. ism@ism.de says:

    Oh, come ON, people, get your FACTS straight. Or your knowledge, for that matter.

    1st: I didn’t see a travel, but with or without travel the second dunk was HUGE.
    2nd: the third dunk was really SPECTACULAR and putting up two or more dunks like this in one game might also get KD, Westbrick or anyone else a little tiny article like this.
    3rd: Best in-game dunker was maybe Jordan,, but the single best in-game dunk was, HANDS DOWN, Tom Chambers of the Suns against the Knicks in the early 80s. If you don’t believe me, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDyBSTQDwH8
    This even outshines Vince Carter’s Dunk over Weis. Sorry Vinsanity.

  19. Christian R. says:

    wow.. nothing impressive here.. none of these would get any higher than a 40

  20. KRAPING says:

    He never never DID that.
    What if you see LEBRON do that in ACTUAL?
    Could you call it a TRAVEL????

  21. RickJ says:

    The third dunk was the only actually impressive one. These revers Dunks are done on a nightly basis. Where’s Griffin, Plumlee, Green articles on here?

    Now, the Durant article talking about him closing in on MVP is impressive. Durant is tearing up the whole league….Lebron just relaxes until a fast break then plays that play. He’s lost his fire. He’s lost his edge.

  22. Alfred Saint-Amand says:

    The MONSTER #KingJames
    I Hate the Haters,

  23. Beto says:

    Travelled on the second one. Good call Angelo

  24. kevin says:

    um they were all generic..last one was nice but the rest..really…

  25. Mark says:

    I hope he got free throws with them dunks. big fouls

  26. AL says:

    Second one was a travel

  27. fakebron/flopbron says:

    Lebron is too clumsy , he does not hve the finess , his footwork is like bobo the clown

  28. Ken says:

    So the 2nd dunk… did anybody on the entire Bucks team play defense? I’d bench all five after that one.

  29. Thank ynu for do that for me and . call me at 228 – 243 – 5603 thanl yall

  30. GT says:

    traveled on the second one. its obvious. and to those that refuse to see it, clean lebron’s jizz out your damn eyes.

  31. fakebron/flopbron says:

    when it comes to dunking Vintage Vince no one can come close !! not even fakebron!!! with his two left feet XDXD , THE GUY MOVES LIKE A BALLERINA ON CRACK XDXD flopbron is wayyyyyyyyy overated .

  32. tony says:

    Poor Bucks 🙂

  33. Jon says:

    Gotta love people defending the travel on the second one.
    Yes, in the NBA you are allowed a gather step (not explicitly in the rules, but that seems to be the interpretation). That gets you your 2.5 steps. However, there were 3 full steps after the gather on that second dunk.
    Then again, it’s not like that would ever be called in a game.

  34. Shmueli says:

    Stop Hating and Strive for greatness

  35. PHIL CANT HELP NY says:

    Why cant you just take them for what they were. Nice dunks. Refs grant certain amenities to super stars. they did for MJ, Bird, Magic. In the end he collect two points and a highlight, that’s it. You people act like no ref has missed a travel call in the NBA ever. go scream in a pillow, spank the monkey or something to kill the needless stress you put on yourselves complaining about a miss call.

  36. Mek says:

    LeBron traveled his but off on that second video. Anyways it was still a nice in game dunk.

    • Witness says:

      No he didnt. Shows u really dont know anything about baskeball or are just a blind hater. One or the other.

  37. Kd forever says:

    LBJ, u think u are so special right? All u do is slam dunk and make easy shots. What good are u? And a showoff. U are kidding me, u are going to be on Mount Rushmore, and be the best player in the world, NOT! U really got to be kidding me!

    • kodi says:

      Kid do you watch basketball.. if so have you watched the last 10 years of baksetball.. Please stop be inspired by talent selected few earn with their hard work and LBJ earned it not given.. Please dont write comments like this it really hurts to see your hatred when you should be appriciating ERAs like this.. Man.. wow.. how do they even let you post such bad ignorance..

  38. The King says:

    If Lebron were to be in the Dunk Contest, then he would definitely win.

  39. MVPvoteMUSTgoTOthePLAYERSandCOACHES says:

    that dude lbj really needs a hero the way he always comments about ” his king” Lebron
    Nobody can beat your king you say? 2 words and a bunch of exclamation marks idiot;

  40. Mr Z-Man says:

    Holy crap the the third one though

  41. djunsan says:

    Vince Carter will take LBJ’s lunch money in the dunk contest if they are both in their primes

  42. Vish says:

    We refs get lots of flack, truth is when you on the court with lbj and watching him go full speed its hard to see everything all the time. And you guys are right, steps start counting after he picks up the ball.

  43. jd says:

    #2 Travel, #3 offensive foul.

  44. Al says:

    Reverse dunk was pretty impressive, not often you see a dunk like that during half court defense

  45. Melomann says:

    Change topic.. Melo is a beast

  46. lbj II says:

    Haters will hate. We are all Witnesses..

  47. SimonK says:

    KD and Westbrook beat those tonight (and that was against the Spurs)

  48. Dave says:

    Thing is he didn’t have to travel but he did, says it all right there

  49. JustTheStr8Facts says:

    King James gets away with another taunt, right in front of the official (again). Meanwhile, everyone else…

  50. darrell neville says:

    lebron doesnt join the dunk contest because of his stock value and creativity, lebrons value is the most out of everybody’s in the league right now, and the dunk contest has been out for more than 20 years i believe and there’s just not much more people can do now

  51. TripAdvisor says:

    Lebron should take the sponsorship instead of Kobe’s from Turkish Airline. All those mileage he racks up from travelling everywhere. Unparalleled stuff to anyone else in the league. Thumbs up to those bangwagon heat fans for being so stupidly oblivious to his travelling

  52. jmbarrenat says:

    LeBron James definitely change the game… he’s take one step further… such as handball, you can give three step instead of two :S

  53. correy magette says:

    blake griffin does that every night

  54. Tony says:

    @Witness Don’t waste time with people who have never played a game of basketball in their lives.

  55. Andres says:

    I like to see him doing this in the Playoffs not to these sorry teams buck ?

  56. Jordan says:

    They say defense wins championships… wrong, money wins championships! #Heat #BoughtNotEarned

  57. johnny says:

    just saying to the lebron haters, that 2nd one was not a travel, anybody with half a brain could see it, so stop hating on the dunk, it was a great dunk, and thats coming from a suns fan, gotta give credit where its due…

  58. Sunni says:

    The reason why Lebron doesn’t do dunk contests is because he knows he will lose. I have never seen a cool dunk from Lebron.