George casually nails absurdly long trey

Anybody in the whole free world with half an NBA eye knows the Pacers are struggling. Those with a whole eye see their superstar Paul George as being in the vanguard of the struggle, as illuminated by Sekou Smith here recently.

So what does Mr. George do to get folks off his back? He launches a 3 from the half-court logo in a one-point game with a little over three minutes to play, that’s what. It wasn’t a buzzer-beater either, although he may have thought it was…

VIDEO: Paul George goes YOLO — or gets desperate — and sinks ridiculous 3

Indiana ended up winning 101-94. Does this shift their season for the better? Who knows. One thing for sure: Uncle Pauly hasn’t lost his confidence.


  1. the13thjoker says:

    Guy sees 2.1 seconds on the shotclock and shoots it and then gets called a YOLO baller. Any player knows you put up any shot with 2.1 seconds left.

    • Tony Moua says:

      You are so stupid shot clock was reset. Yolo.

      • artifex says:

        Well, at 0:06 you can see that the shot clock is reset at the time George is pumping for the long shot.
        From there, it is just a fluent movement. If he had stopped it, chance would be that it lands just some feet away in the Piston’s hand free for the fast break. So, even better to throw it and have time to get back on defense.
        If he manages to hold on to the ball it would be traveling upon jumping.

        So, to me, everything made right… and he hit it!

  2. Tony Moua says:

    Like a boss.

  3. George says:

    All-star player of the week for that

  4. Stiz says:

    Dudes so cocky

  5. DDD says:

    NOthing against Paul this time. Also Hibbert, showed him to try to score due to shot clock reset late.

  6. Pg-24 says:

    OMG!!!! Next HUGE thing!!! Watch out LeBron. 😉

  7. Bradley says:

    I love how he puts his hand out and is like, “I got this.” It looks like Singler responded to the hand and stopped walking towards him. On a side note, for the longest time when people used “YOLO,” I was confused as to why they were talking about the county that I live in. Back on track… damn good shot from PG.

  8. Tony Moua says:

    I see tmac in pg

  9. MVPvoteMUSTgoTOthePLAYERSandCOACHES says:

    He made the hand gesture because he wanted to set up the offense, then saw the shotclock didnt reset (just like Hibbert who also pointed it out to him) then he made great shot with 2.1 on the clock because the scorers table reacted late. Heads up play all the way. Nothing YOLO, wreckless, cocky or Boss about it. Public opinion is often influenced by stupid sportswriters who are looking for the dramatic.

  10. lbj II says:

    Shooting 3’s at half court wont give PG his first ring. He needs to play with our “King” LeBron in miami. We will trade toney douglas and sharpshooting James Jones.

  11. REALbasketballfan says:

    PG is over rated, only scores in transition or broken plays, can’t create for himself no handles stop sucking him -.-

  12. hibbs says:

    That was behind the 4 point line for sure.

  13. Whereslbj? says:

    Paul George, shooting crazy three’s from the parking lot won’t win you an NBA Championship. You need to join our KING Lebron in Miami to get a ring.

    Dope shot though. I wouldn’t try it again if I was him. He FG% has dropped by about 8% since his hot stretch this fall.

  14. stardemonspacecat says:

    PG is a legit NBA star… but finding it’s not so easy to become a “SuperStar”… what guys like LeBron and Durant do is incredible because they do it on a regular basis, each performing at a high level consistently all while defenses are throwing everything at ’em… but PG has all the tools… he’s young and still learning… he’ll get there