Ronny Turiaf wired for sound

By Lang Whitaker,

VIDEO: Ronny Turiaf video bombs Kevin Love’s postgame interview

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Timberwolves big man Ronny Turiaf is one of the best bench guys in the NBA — always engaged, always excitable. (For a case in point, just watch him videobomb Kevin Love‘s interview last night above.)

And even while he’s out injured, he embraces his role as the team’s emotional leader. During a recent game against the Lakers, Turiaf wore a microphone to record what it’s like on the bench during the action. I love how he is more aware of Kevin Love‘s triple-double chase than Kevin Love is…

VIDEO: Turiaf wired for sound


  1. lbj says:

    Ronny Turiaf if you want to get a ring you need to go back to Miami and play as a cheer leader with our “king” LeBron!!

  2. turk-a-glu says:

    Not only is he one of the best bench player “in you opinion” but he is also the skinkiest according to Amaire and K Love lol

  3. Dave O says:

    I think Ronny is great! So positive. Still into it after many years as a role player.

  4. streaming77 says:

    I agree LBJ!
    He seem to be a nice guy, but the team need talent…I am surprised they haven’t added better talents over the years….Kevin Love game would be great!