Which NBA teams are most searched for on Google?

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Earlier this year we caught up with the latest information from Google Trends, which showed us which players and teams were the most searched for. Today the site FiveThirtyEight went a step further and took Google Trend info from the last ten years to see which sports franchises were the most searched for. According to FiveThirtyEight, “All figures are taken relative to the league average; a score of 1.00 represents a team with league-average popularity.”

Here are the rankings of NBA teams…


(via FiveThirtyEight)


  1. Paul says:

    Lakers all day long baby!

  2. Maria says:


  3. Teid says:

    Of course Lakers are being googled more than Celtics. Still doesn’t change the fact that Celtics are still the greatest basketball franchise of all time


    • Celticsrox says:

      Teid is right! The Celtics are the best team to ever play basketball!!!!!


    • FkLeblowjobjames says:

      I hope u actually bleed green. While u at it Poop green too.

      • dd def says:

        blue food dye will turn your poop green. also, celtics have more championships than any other franchise, so technically speaking they are the best franchise all time

  4. joe says:

    To get to the top, it’s either you are the champion or you are the worst team..

    That is the case for both for Miami and Lakers…

    All day babay..

    • Abin says:

      The last time i checked, the bucks were the worst team… not the lakers, yet the bucks are the least googled organization. Your logic is flawed bud

  5. Lawl says:

    Proof how the lakers has the most delusional bandwagon fanbase in the league, no wonder Kobe made the alstar team this league with all these d Riders voting for him.

    • Isaiah says:

      Actually proof that despite of there awful season they still and always will be the most marketable franchise in the NBA, with the biggest fan base. With or without victory.

      • tyletaylor says:

        how are they the most marketable. thats not true. lakers isnt number one in attendance or merchandise sales….kobe doesnt even have the top 3 selling jersey anymore….

  6. Carl Bennett says:

    I must say I’m surprised, I thought my Spurs would be a lot lower on this list.

  7. Michael says:

    Hear, hear, Carl. Looks like the Spurs are more popular than the league and the media make out. I’m in Australia, and I think the Spurs are probably more popular internationally because they have so many international players on their roster, and they play real team basketball — it’s beautiful to watch.

    • Boca_Fan says:

      Google is everywhere, the Heat have fans worldwide. Lakers are number one cause everyone google’s to see if Kobe will ever play… and earn all that money he’s being paid.

    • Troy says:

      Thank you, I come from Australia too and even though I don’t go for the Spurs I love hearing how our Aussies are playing over there. The reason they have been winning for this long is because of their true team playing ability because if someone like Dwight Howard went down now he rockets would be having a tough time but the Spurs are able to play whoever they want night in and night out and that’s why they just keep winning.

  8. Tony C says:

    I’d like to know which player is searched the most.

  9. bagol says:

    despite the fact that spurs are the best basketball team in the world,,, it did not reach top list for most search team in google.

  10. Bigg Stan says:

    Truthfully the top 10 teams are being looked at cause everyone wants to know where Lebron is going. GOOOOOOOO HEAT!!!!

  11. Noel says:

    Of course the Lakers are first, it’s all the Lakers fan googling their team to figure out who their players are.

  12. dd def says:

    alright people, let’s all remember that google searches do NOT make a team, do NOT define the quality or success of a team. lakers have had possibly more legendary talent through the years than any other one franchise, so it could even be people looking up laker history and trying to do their homework on the talent that once was. otherwise this all means nothing

  13. Trooll says:

    Finally something the Lakers can win this season!

  14. lbjTroll says:

    Getting google searches will not get you a ring. Google needs to strike up a deal with our “king” Lebron and blah blah blah

  15. Jr says:

    Who needs to do a search for their team these days when one can remember the address? It’s so easy my 8 year old can took it upeasy http://www.nba.com/(enter team), my team is the thunder!

  16. Raptorsrox says:

    What about those Raptors tough? They are doing amazing right now.

  17. Celtic533 says:

    Mah celtics!