Jeremy Evans can really, really leap

Whenever Jeremy Evans’ name is mentioned around these parts, it’s because of his deft ability to defy gravity and complete jams no human has a right to complete.

He is tall (6-foot-9), so he’s supposed to be able to dunk, right? Fair point. But Friday night against the Pelicans, he might have outdone himself on a feed from Ian Clark. Regardless of his height, this took a deal of hand-eye coordination, body control and flexibility to pull off.

With all due respect to the Lob Brothers in L.A., Evans might have given us the best alley-oop of the season:

VIDEO: Jeremy Evans reaches way back to complete the oop from Ian Clark


  1. lbj says:

    Giving the best alley-oop of the season won’t give him a ring. He needs to see the alley-oop of our “king” LeBron and play with him. We will trade T Douglas and Michael Douglas plus future first round picks!

    • The Voice Of Reason says:

      you are funny lbj – either a 8 year old who only knows how to vary one sentence or you are a 50 year old virgin who still lives with your parents and doesn’t know anything about basketball.

    • jave says:

      Who the hell is Michael Douglas…? Fake Heat fans piss me off

  2. ayo says:

    that lbj guy keeps commenting on lebron and it is tony douglas not michael douglas idiot